FIFA 17 Update


MATCH got to play a demo of FIFA 17 last month. It has tons of new features, which we've outlined below!

One of the biggest changes in this year's game is the introduction of Game Mode 'The Journey'. Here's what we know about it...

You begin your journey as a young striker trying to make his way in football called Alex Hunter.

You get to pick which Premier League club you play for. You could be lining up with Rooney and Martial!

Gareth Walker, your best mate, will sign for the same club as you too.

There’s loads of detail off the pitch as well! You’ll have interactions with your manager, team-mates and agent, as well as training sessions.

There's been tons of changes to corners, free-kicks, penalties and throw-ins.


There’s more detail in FIFA 17 to help you hit the perfect cross from dead balls. Use the yellow cursor around the penalty area to choose where the ball will land, then control your man in the box to get on the end of it.

MATCH says: “Crossing from set-pieces is more accurate on FIFA 17, plus the ball can take little deflections too. We scored loads from corners, but they’re a nightmare to defend against!”


There’s now more variety to spot-kicks – you can change the angle and length of your run-up. 


Like pens, you can also adjust your run-up for direct free-kicks! Change the angle or length to curl the ball with the inside or outside of your foot, or generate more power!

MATCH says: “Every player takes FKs differently, so adding the new variety makes sense. It’s different from FIFA 16 though, so it’ll take getting used to!”


FIFA 17 allows you to move up and down the touchline, and fool your opponent with a fake throw too.


Top-flight managers are now included in the game. Who do you reckon this is?


‘Push Back’ tech means that players can use their strength to protect, control and challenge for the ball better than ever.


Your strikers can shoot with loads of power without blasting it over thanks to the new ‘Driven Finish’.


The players are so life-like, you’ll think you’re watching a real game!