PES 2017 v FIFA 17

PES 2017 v FIFA 17

MATCH has been playing the two biggest footy games on the planet for weeks now, and we love them both! But which one’s better? We put them head-to-head to find out...


PES 2017

  • The player likenesses on PES are probably better than they’ve ever been, and some of the backgrounds look sick!

  • Game makers Konami struck a deal with Barcelona, so the Nou Camp is exclusive to Pro Evo – and it looks immense!

  • They’ve also got deals with Arsenal and Liverpool, but you have to edit all the other Prem team names yourself.


  • Like PES, FIFA’s graphics are epic! The player likenesses are just as realistic, and they’ve got Prem gaffers too.
  • Unlike PES, every club on FIFA is fully-licensed, so you can be any team you want. 

  • FIFA can’t match Pro Evo’s choice of international teams, though. PES has teams that FIFA don’t, like Iceland!


MYCLUB – Pes 2017

  • myClub lets you build a team and face opponents online. The key is to have a team with a high Team Spirit!
  • You appoint a manager to set your formation and tactics, and use scouts and agents to sign your players.

  • It’s even possible to sign legendary ex-players like Xavi, Ronaldinho and Puyol!


  • FUT can match most of myClub’s features, and has extras too. The new Squad Building Challenges are an ace addition!

  • FIFA has legends but not as many as PES, plus they’re only available on Xbox consoles.

  • Draft Mode, Team Of The Week challenges and the new FUT Champions Mode mean FUT defo has the edge over myClub!

FUT Rating.jpg


  • On PES, you play with the full squad of any club on the game, or start from the bottom with a line up of fictional players.
  • The improved scouting helps you upgrade your team. You have the option of allowing Classic players in the game, too!

  • Some of the features aren’t that realistic, but trying to take your team to the top rocks!


  • EA have added more detail to Career Mode to give you the responsibility of a full-time boss and make it much closer to real life.
  • You don’t just control tactics and transfers, but your club’s finances and board expectations.

  • The new features, full choice of clubs and detailed training make Career Mode more realistic, but we still prefer Master League!



  • Pro Evo is the only game where you can play the fully licensed CL with official music, trophy and logos!
  • You can also play in the Europa League and Asian Champions League. Quality!

  • We love taking on a full CL campaign, , but it still doesn’t compare to FIFA’s range of tournaments.

FIFA 4 copu.jpg


  • The Journey is one of the biggest changes that EAhave ever made. We reckon it’s going to change FIFA forever!
  • It combines the on-pitch action of a Player Career Mode with the off-field drama of the life of a young footballer!

  • We’ve absolutely loved playing the new Journey feature, and we reckon it gives FIFA a massive edge over PES!

FIFA 6 copy.jpg


PES 2017

  • Goalkeeping, dribbling and passing have been improved to be more realistic, and it’s tons of fun to play with your mates!
  • The new celebrations rock, too! You can bust out group celebrations or rip your shirt off – you will get booked, though!

  • The only annoying thing about PES is the commentary – there isn’t enough variety!

  • One of our fave things about PES is the way you can set up your tactics. You can choose to play a tiki-taka passing game, or Gegenpress closing down!

  • The clever thing about playing the computer on PES is that it learns as you play. So if one of your strikers scores twice, he’ll be double marked to stop him bagging a hat-trick!


  • FIFA 17’s gameplay additions like Pushback and Active Intelligence are quality, although PES already had similar features.
  • There’s more choice in attack, too. We’ve bagged loads of goals by using the new drilled finishes and through balls!

  • Set-pieces have had a major makeover, and they took us a bit of time to get used to!

  • PES can’t match FIFA for the realism on matchday. The intros feel like real games, and Martin Tyler and Alan Smith’s commentary is way better then Peter Drury and Jim Beglin’s!

  • There’s a whole new selection of skills and celebrations to learn as well, including Pogba’s famous Dab and Griezmann’s Hotline Bling celebration!


PROS – PES 2017

  • The in-game action’s well fun, especially with mates!
  • Campaigns on Master League totally rock!

  • Edit mode lets you change anything you want. Sweet!

CONS – PES 2017

  • Not enough licenses and too many made-up team names!
  • Playing online is too slow – especially on myClub!

  • It’s just not as realistic or detailed as FIFA!


  • Super-realistic and each league is fully licensed!
  • New features like Pushback and Drilled Finishes are epic!

  • Awesome new game mode – The Journey!

  • Ultimate Team still rules and defo beats PES’ myClub!


  • Over-complicated changes to set-pieces and Career Mode!
  • Slower-paced gameplay in matches than PES!