We’ve got all the best tips you need to boss the biggest addition to FIFA in years!


There are pros and cons to every team. In the bottom half of the Prem, expectations are lower but you get fewer chances to score, while at the top teams, competition for places is well tough but at least you’ve got quality team-mates to link up with. An upper to mid-table team like Everton, Southampton or Stoke is usually a decent shout!



Where you play is up to you, but remember that you’ll see less of the ball if you play out wide. You won’t always be picked in your strongest role though, so take note of where your boss selects you and stick to your position!



Throughout your journey, you’ll have the chance to respond to conversations in three different ways – Fiery, Cool and Neutral. Being Fiery will make you more popular on social media and help bring in more sponsorship deals, but being Cool will make you more of a favourite with your gaffer. Choose one and stick it to – staying Neutral will get you nowhere, though!



Training and playing well will earn Skill Points to purchase traits with and improve Alex’s playing attributes. But choose carefully – you won’t earn enough Skill Points to turn 50 ratings into 80s, so focus on the attributes you’re already good at. We usually start by boosting speed and stamina!

Loan Club.jpg


At some point during the season, you’ll receive a loan offer from three Championship clubs – Aston Villa, Norwich and Newcastle. The Magpies will pay you more money, but their squad is also packed with quality attackers, so competition for places is a lot tougher at St. James’ Park!

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At the start of each match, you’ll have the choice of playing as the whole team or just as Hunter. Playing as the team might give you a better chance of winning, but our advice is to play as Hunter – you can make better runs and get more involved in the game. Use some of our quick tips below to play to your best!


Don’t forget these Journey basics which will help you in the epic game mode!

Call For The Ball.jpg

Hit the Pass and Through Ball buttons to call for the ball!

Make sure you’re in a good position – bad calls will lower your rating!

Right Foot.jpg

Main man Alex Hunter is right footed, so keep it on his best side!

Close Down.jpg

When you’re defending, hold R1/RB to tell your team-mates to close down!

Don't Sim copy.jpg

Your OVR will improve much slower if you sim training sessions!

Don't Sprint.jpg

Holding down sprint all game will tire Alex out and get him subbed off!

Repeat Training copy.jpg

Repeating sessions will give you an even greater stat boost!

Don't Dive In copy.jpg

Don’t dive in to tackles – missing will lower your match rating!

Skill Pass copy.jpg

Using a skill pass will help increase your match rating!