Taking on a Career Mode as a player is one of the toughest challenges on FIFA, but it's also one of MATCH's favourites! We've come up with a few tips to help you reach the top and become a star!


Choose your favourite team, or set yourself a challenge and work your way up from the lower leagues. Your playing stats and attributes will be set at a realistic level!

Choose your position carefully – defensive players have to be more disciplined, while attackers are allowed more freedom! This will define your player stats, too!


Tall and heavy players have much better stats for Strength, Balance and Jumping, so bump up your height and weight if you want to be a centre-back or target man!

If you want to be a lightning-fast winger or creative playmaker, make yourself short and light to improve your Sprint Speed, Acceleration, Agility and Stamina!

You’ll start your career as a youngster, so your manager will probably send you out on loan to a lower league club. This is a great chance to play every game and dominate players with a lower OVR! It’s a great way to test your skills, too!

Make yourself available for the ball by moving into space, and hit the pass button to call for it from a team-mate!

You’ll be subbed if you get too tired, so use the sprint button wisely and regain your energy when you get the chance!

When you drift out of position, follow the arrows near your player’s feet to get back to where you need to be!