The Man. City legend talks about great goals, strike partners, toughest opponents and more!


What’s the best goal you’ve ever scored?

SERGIO SAYS: “I haven’t scored it yet! If you told me I could score in the final of the Champions League to win the trophy, I would sign up for that straight away. That’s what I’m waiting for!”

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What about against QPR to win the Prem?

SERGIO SAYS: “Of course, that was my most important goal and an incredible feeling. When you score a goal like that, you live it like crazy! In the final minute of the final game, to win the league title? Unbelievable. That’s what memories are made of. The way all your emotions come together in a moment like that, it’s hard to explain.”


Who’s the best striker you’ve played with?

SERGIO SAYS: “They are all different. Diego Forlan was an absolute warrior on the field, Torres had incredible charisma at Atletico in the changing room. And Messi? Well, he’s unique. The best player in the world. I don’t want to choose one, but for now I have to say Leo – not just for his goals, but for everything he does on the field.”


Which Prem team do you enjoy playing most?

SERGIO SAYS: “You look forward to all the games against Man. United, because they’re our big rivals and every year they’re the team we want to beat. The fans live this game in a special way.”


Who’s the best defender and goalkeeper you’ve played against? 

SERGIO SAYS: “I would say Arsenal’s Petr Cech is a great goalkeeper. As for defenders, I think the ones at Chelsea – they’re always tough to beat.”


If you could give one piece of advice to a young striker, what would it be?

SERGIO SAYS: “I think children have to know that being a footballer is not easy and not everyone can become a professional. They need to enjoy the game and work hard. And for scoring goals, I would say the best thing is to imagine in your head that the goal is very large. That’s what I do!”


What are your main aims for this season?

SERGIO SAYS:  “The same as always – to play as many matches as possible, to score goals, to help the team win titles and to stay injury-free.”


What’s your ultimate dream for City?

SERGIO SAYS: “There are two things – one is to win the Champions League and the other is to win the treble in England. Both are big challenges, but it’s what I dream of doing.”


What’s life like under Pep Guardiola?

SERGIO SAYS: “It’s very good. Guardiola is a great coach and the fact he speaks Spanish means I can understand him better, and he can give me good advice on how to improve.”


Can you get even better?

SERGIO SAYS: “I think so, yes. I’m a lot more experienced now than before, but I still think I can improve. I am always ambitious and always want more. I hope I can become an even better player!”