Kings Of FIFA – Defenders


MATCH has crunched the Career Mode numbers and stats to find out who the true FIFA legends are! Here are the kings of defence!

Naldo’s ancient, but no defender has better Heading Accuracy or Interception stats on FIFA 16 (he's just joined Schalke, too).

Pacy Boateng is one of FIFA’s highest-rated CBs, but some of his defensive stats, like Marking, aren’t as good as his rivals.

Per’s lack of pace costs him OVR points, but most of his defensive stats are in the high 80s.

Only one defender in the whole game has a better Standing Tackle rating than Miranda!

Ramos has it all – solid defensive stats, 91 for Jumping and 86 for Heading Accuracy. Total legend!

Hummels has a lower OVR than Ramos, but a lot of his defensive stats are actually better.

Barzagli’s stats, combined with Chiellini and Buffon, mean Juve have FIFA 16’s best defence.

Chiellini’s the only player to have a 90 rating for Marking, Sliding Tackle and Standing Tackle.

Silva is a beast! His defensive stats rock, and his 93 Jumping is the best rating in our Top 10.

Lahm has got unreal defensive stats, and nobody gets near his 95 Sliding Tackle rating! He can boss any attacker on FIFA 16!