Kings Of FIFA – Strikers


MATCH has crunched the Career Mode numbers and stats to find out who the true legends of FIFA are! Here are the kings of attack!

No striker in our list has better Aggression stats than Wazza! His 87 for Reactions and Shot Power rock, too. What a beast!

Spain striker Aduriz has the lowest OVR of our Top 10, but no player on FIFA has better Heading Accuracy than him.

MATCH is a big fan of Higuain – in real life and on FIFA! His 90 Finishing means he’s one of the deadliest strikers in the game!

Aguero is the perfect hitman! His Acceleration, Finishing, Dribbling and Reactions can destroy any defence.

The goal is always in danger when Lewandowski is near – all of his key skills are in the 80s, including 89 Finishing!

Goalkeepers don’t stand a chance against Zlatan’s Shot Power and Volleys! He’s a total
goal machine on Career Mode!

Yep, the No.1 player on FIFA is only 4th in our strikers list! His Heading Accuracy and Shot Power is just too low. Soz, Leo!

Muller has the same OVR as Higuain, but is five place higher! His 94 Attack Positioning is the highest on the game. Legend!

With Finishing, Reactions and Attack Positioning all in the 90s, it’s no surprise to see Suarez so high on our list. He’s lethal!

Ronaldo is a total goal machine – no striker can match his stats for Finishing or Shot Power. He’s pretty much unplayable!