ENGLAND centre-back CONOR COADY talks to MATCH about The Three Lions’ chances at this summer’s tournament!


CONOR SAYS: “Over the years, I saw other lads from my age group playing in the Premier League every week and getting full England caps, so you do wonder if the chance has gone. My career path has been different. They were ready, but I wasn’t and I had to drop down a league. I had to learn more about football, get better and become a man. It’s been a great journey and I wouldn’t change any of it!”


CONOR SAYS: “Even now, I can’t really put into words how I felt when I got that call from the manager. My wife videos my kids watching their dad play for his country! Being involved with England is just amazing and a very proud achievement for me and my family!”


CONOR SAYS: “The England manager, the staff and the players all make you feel so welcome and get you involved right away. There are some truly world-class players in the squad, so to go and share a pitch with them is a real privilege. I’m 27, but I’m still learning from these players. It was obviously fantastic to be called up for the November internationals!”


CONOR SAYS: ” I can’t speak more highly of him, but it’s not just the way he is with me. You see him speaking with the others and the way he handles the media and different situations that arise. He’s absolutely fantastic!”

“It’s not often a competitive tournament comes around where some games are on home soil. It really is goose-bump stuff!”


CONOR SAYS: “I’ll do anything to help the England team. If it’s a back four and I’m called upon, then great. If it’s a back three, I offer some experience because I’ve played the system for years. Other clubs play different formations so maybe that’s an area I can contribute, but as long as I can be useful to the cause I’ll be happy!”


CONOR SAYS: “It’s a great group of teams and there will be some interesting battles. It’s not often a competitive tournament comes around where some games are on home soil. It really is goose-bump stuff!”


CONOR SAYS: “We’ve got world-class players and a fantastic manager so you’d hope the group can go far. I’ve got the experience of training and playing with them now, but also know their quality from facing a lot of them in the Premier League!”


CONOR SAYS: “It’s hard to make predictions now as you don’t know who will be in each country’s squad, but we should be confident in ourselves given the lads who could be pulling on an England shirt. You’d expect the usual suspects to be pushing for the trophy. There are some amazing countries involved and it’s going to be a really exciting tournament!”