ENGLAND midfielder PHIL FODEN talks about The Three Lions’ chances at this summer’s tournament!


FODEN SAYS: “First of all, I’ve had the same haircut for what seems ages now, so I thought I’d try something new! I woke up this morning to lots of comparisons to Gazza. They’ve [England team-mates] said that they like it, so it’s all been positive, which I’m surprised about. I’ve dyed it now so it’s not going to change soon!”


FODEN SAYS: “I remember watching highlights on the TV of Gazza – unbelievable player. It wont be too bad if I can bring a bit of Gazza to the pitch!”


FODEN SAYS: “I feel sorry for Gareth trying to pick 11! Whoever he leaves out are top-quality players on the bench. Whatever he does, the players will be behind him!”


FODEN SAYS: “Gareth’s great, he talks to everyone and lets you know how you can improve. He’s always putting his arm around the players!”


FODEN SAYS: “First of all I just want to say the quality is high! We have a lot of young players, but they can play at the highest level. We still have the experience in players like Harry Kane and Jordan Henderson. It’s a good balance! We can win it!”


FODEN SAYS: “Not pressure, I feel excited! It’s my first time at a major tournament with England. I have to try and keep my feet on the ground. I’m excited to see what happens and what the future holds. We’ve all been playing at a great standard this year. As a group we can really push on!”


FODEN SAYS: “There’s no guaranteed starter in this team. Gareth needs to look at training and see who’s training the best with fitness and things. Raheem’s goals speak for themself. Every year he’s always there, creating chances. He can be a really important player for us!”


FODEN SAYS: “I think everyone knows that he was one of my favourite players growing up! I want to be my own version of me. I don’t try to copy him, I just try to take his good points and try to put them into me!”

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