ENGLAND attacking midfielder JACK GREALISH chats about The Three Lions ahead of the European Championship kick-off!


JACK SAYS: “You only have to look at the players in my position – most of them have just come back from playing in the Champions and Europa League finals! The competition is there, but it’s nice to have. I’ll be ready when called upon!”


JACK SAYS: “I remember Euro 2004, when Rooney burst onto the scene! I think he was 18 at the time. That’s the one that sticks in the memory. You grow up thinking and dreaming of these things, so it’s a pleasure to be here now!”




JACK SAYS: “This is what I’ve wanted my whole life! I’ve said it in so many interviews. I wanted to have a good season at Villa but my main thing was to break into this squad. It’s a dream come true and I’m going to cherish every moment! I remember watching Russia in 2018 and it was crazy how football brought the whole nation together. Even my nan, who never watches football, was watching every single game!”


JACK SAYS: “He’s the manager of England, so he’s obviously going to be a brilliant coach. He’s helped my game massively. I’m not going to go into too much detail, but he gave me a few things to work on to force my way into the team. It’s worked as I’ve had seven games now. He gets on with all the boys. He wouldn’t be England manager if he wasn’t a a great coach!”


JACK SAYS: “The talent in those attacking areas is up there with the best in the world! Raheem, Marcus, Phil, Jadon – there’s so much talent. We embrace it. We enjoy playing with each other and training with each other. It’s not a battle, we’re all in this together!”


JACK SAYS: “I was devastated watching the game (at World Cup 2018)! I think we can definitely use it as inspiration. Croatia are obviously a brilliant side, they have talented players all over the pitch from big clubs. We’ll go into it with confidence. We know it’ll be a difficult game, but something we’re looking forward to!


JACK SAYS: “I got a few kicks last week in the two games. If I’m getting fouled, I’ll take the hits for the team! We’ve got lots of great set-piece takers, like Tripps. I don’t really get fed up with it. Sometimes certain tackles hurt. It’s probably not so good getting fouled at Vila, because we don’t have the quality of set-piece takers we have here…I’ll have a few WhatsApp messages after that!”


JACK SAYS: “It’s unbelievable, there’s everything in there! They tried to make it as homely as possible, so many nice touches. I went into my room thinking it was going to be a normal one, but there were photos of my family and my dog, which made me happy. I don’t think you could get bored in there!”



JACK SAYS: “I love coming away! I feel like it’s down to the manager, he deserves credit for that. We’re all like a group of mates playing together. That works as soon as you go out on the pitch! You’ve got to enjoy yourself and express yourself!”


JACK SAYS: “It made me happy that Gazza likes me as a player! He was unbelievable. I grew up watching highlights. If I can get any performance as close to what he did then I’ll be over the moon. I think Phil (Foden) has more of a chance because he has the hair now! We both know we have a long way to go to reach him!”

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