WALES and Tottenham centre-back JOE RODON chats his season and The Dragons ahead of the European Championship kick-off!


RODON SAYS: “You want to be training with top players and it’s only going to make you better as a player individually. It’s been a great eight months experience training with the Tottenham players. I’m still young and have a lot of learning to do – I’m just looking forward to the future and seeing what it holds!”


RODON SAYS: “Having Ben Davies and Gareth Bale at Tottenham was always going to make it easier for me to settle in – they were brilliant with me. It helped me settle in and be more comfortable. Not just them, the players there were very welcoming and also brilliant with me!”

EURO 2016!

RODON SAYS: “Watching it with my friends and seeing all the fans in the fan zones was a brilliant experience. It was unbelievable and I’m sure every young Welsh player would’ve wanted to be in a camp like that. I’m just delighted and grateful to be able to be involved in this one!”


RODON SAYS: “We’ve got a lot of leaders in the group, like Joe Allen, Ben Davies, Danny Ward. It’s always nice to wear the armband but we’re all leaders on the pitch. The more leaders we have, the easier it will be!”


RODON SAYS: “We’re a tight group. We’re all one team and we all have the same goal! We’ve got a good group of senior players and youngsters as well so there’s a good balance to the group. We’re just excited and can’t wait to get started!”


RODON SAYS: “Having good bonds and friendships within the squad is only going to make you feel more confident and comfortable when you go out to the pitch! I do feel like we are a tight group. It’s also important we stick together and give it our all!”


RODON SAYS: “Having Gareth Bale there as captain and the player he is… He’s a brilliant character to have around the boys and the dressing room. We can only be thankful for him being like that. We’ve got a close group and can’t wait to get started!”

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