ENGLAND midfielder MASON MOUNT chats about The Three Lions’ preparation ahead of the European Championship kick-off!


MASON SAYS: “We’ve obviously played different formations and coming through the ages I’ve played in different positions. When you’re in a two you’re a bit more defensive minded, in a three you can maybe go a bit more attacking and try to get in the box. Formation-wise I can be versatile, so it’s a positive!”


MASON SAYS: “The game face has been on from the first day we met up! We know where we are, we know how important these games are. Especially at a tournament, the first game is probably most important to get off to a good start. When you’re in the camp with the boys you have fun, you bond together – we’re very close as a group. That’s obviously a massive part of doing well and going far in tournaments!”


MASON SAYS: “I think the Champions League (final) was my 64th game this season, so quite a few! We’re a young squad, we’ve played a lot of football some of us, but when you come into a major tournament all that goes out of the window! All you’re worrying about is doing well, going far in the tournament, performing to the best of your ability and making the nation proud!”


MASON MOUNT: “I don’t give myself time to look back at what’s happened, I always try to look forward and not get stuck in the moment. The journey that we’ve been on is unbelievable. Where we are right now, we’re all so excited and obviously looking forward to what’s coming up. For us to come through together and be here now is special and something that we do talk about now and again!”


MASON SAYS: “He’s always been a player that I’ve looked up to! Ever since he was in the Premier League playing for Tottenham, I watched him quite closely as a kid. Playing against him was weird, because I watched him so much growing up I kind of knew his moves and what he was going to do – it helps being a fan of a player and then playing against him!”


MASON SAYS: “I know in the history we’ve never won the Euros before, so for us we’re a team that’s very hungry to create history. With this young group, we can definitely do that. We know the level of players we have in this group and how together and hungry we are to create history!”


MASON SAYS: “We’ve got players that can handle the ball, keep the ball, play possession football, create chances and be a threat going forward! It’s never going to be 100% perfection, there’s going to be times when things don’t click. With the players we have, and what we’ve been working on in training, I have hope it’s going to work and we’re going to play together and we’re going to connect!”


MASON SAYS: “He’s there next door – every time he wakes up, he wakes up earlier than me and tries to knock on my door and wake me up for breakfast every morning, so I might have to move a couple of doors down so I’m not right next to him! To have my best mate with me, to go through this experience with him and all of the other boys, it means a lot. It’s very special to us and something we’ll remember for a long time!”


MASON SAYS: “I was very lucky enough to go out to Russia and watch one of the group games, so even to be around it and witness that atmosphere of a major tournament – I remember that very vividly! It was heartbreak to watch (the semi-final), but them kind of experiences give you that extra fire in the belly to put something right!”

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