ENGLAND full-back REECE JAMES chats about his season and The Three Lions ahead of the European Championship kick-off!


REECE SAYS: “Winning the Champions League final is going to boost anyone’s confidence! Coming here you need to step away from club rivalry. We’d just played against City. We had to be humble with it, we couldn’t boast or rub it in. We know we won, and now we’re here together as a team and we need to fight together!”


REECE SAYS: “I think at the start of the season we had Frank Lampard, I was very lucky to play the majority of games. When the new manager came in our formation changed, so the first few games I found myself out of the team. I had to adapt and learn. It’s hard when a new manager comes in. It was a good learning curve for me!”


REECE SAYS: “My dad played a massive part in me getting where I am. He’s done very well with my sister as well. We always try to get the better out of each other. If I ever get the chance to watch her play, I always tell her how she can get better. You can’t get good at anything without putting a lot of hours and hard work!”


REECE SAYS: “We all know how much of a key player he is! You can see how much of an influence he is when he didn’t play in the Europa League final. It’s good to see him back on the training field!”


REECE SAYS: “Now’s probably the best chance we’ve ever had to achieve something so big in a tournament! We’ve got so many great players and so many players that have won titles and many major honours. We definitely have a good enough team to go all the way in this tournament and I don’t see why we can’t!”


REECE SAYS: “When I was young I wasn’t a right-back, I was a striker. I looked up to Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole. I looked up to the boys from the team that I supported! Me and Ashley Cole speak nearly every week, he’s probably one of the best left-backs to play the game. He helps me a lot progressing!”


REECE SAYS: “Definitely the position has changed. Maybe before it was more of a defender but now its adapted and you have the license to go forward, attack and defend. I played as right sided centre-back many times when I was coming through in the academy. As right side of a three you’re limited to where you can go and what you can do!”


REECE SAYS: “I played with him since I was 8 or 9 years old. Coming through with someone is great. It’s great to see so many other young players coming through as well! I think Mason’s performances this season speak for themselves, I don’t really need to big him up or say anything. I think someone like Luka Modric asking for his shirt shows how far he’s come!”

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