Fantasy Premier League expert @BigManBakar gives his top FPL chip strategy tips for 2021-22!

Chip Strategies for Fantasy Premier League (FPL) 2021-22!

Deciding when and where to play your chips in FPL are likely to be season-defining decisions such is the importance that the chips hold in FPL! Whether it be your Wildcards, the Bench Boost, the Free Hit or the Triple Captain chip, each one is critical given the massive points swings involved!

According to latest reports and FPL blank/double Gameweek expert Ben Crellin, the Club World Cup is likely to move to early 2022 so the earliest that could feasibly be played in 2022 is Feb 6-13, meaning possible Blank Gameweeks in GW 24 and 25.

If the Club World Cup is moved to 2022 then there won’t be any blanks caused by fixture clashes in the first half of the season. FIFA are set to make a decision on when the Club World Cup will take place at their next Council meeting on October 20. This will have a massive bearing on our chip strategy given the fact that Chelsea are involved and this will lead to fixture rescheduling…

When are the Double Gameweeks 2021-22?

We usually have, on average, four double Gameweeks across a season (assuming no disruptions by COVID-19)!

Assuming all stays well in the 2021-22 season, we’re likely to see around the same number of Double Gameweeks. Gameweek 36 looks likely to be the biggest Double Gameweek of the 2021/22 season: there’s a clear midweek slot to accommodate all previously postponed fixtures.

In addition to this, we’re likely to see around two to three other small Double Gameweeks. Neither of them are likely to be as big as Double Gameweek 36!

When are the blank Gameweeks 2021/22?

The biggest Blank Gameweek is likely to be in Gameweek 30. We’ll likely witness a scenario where at least half of the Premier League teams won’t be in action due to the FA Cup quarter-finals.

There’ll probably be another Blank Gameweek in Gameweek 33. The size of this will depend on how many Premier League teams make it to the FA Cup semi-finals!

What is the best possible FPL Chip Strategy so far for 2021-22?

Whilst we still need clarity on exactly when the Double and Blank Gameweek will take place, there are two obvious ways of navigating them based on what we know…

1) Free Hit During a Double Gameweek
The first strategy is to prepare yourself for the big blank in Gameweek 30 in advance by ensuring that you have a reasonable number of playing assets already on your side.

That way, one can tackle Gameweek 30 without the need for chips, then play the Wildcard in Gameweek 31 to get back the premium players who are likely to be missing in Gameweek 30.

The Wildcard in Gameweek 31 could be used to set yourself for a Bench Boost in any of the coming weeks. The Free Hit, meanwhile, can be used in Double Gameweek 36.

2) Free Hit During the Blank Gameweek
The other strategy that comes to mind is to play the game as it is, playing your Free Hit in big Blank Gameweek 30.

By using this route, we can set ourselves up for the Bench Boost during the big Double Gameweek 36 by using the Wildcard in Gameweek 35 to maximise the upside of chip usage.

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