These Top 10 FPL Tips to Dominate You Mini-Leagues are bought to you by Abdul Rehman who has 14 years’ Fantasy Football experience. He has four top 1000 and five top 5000 finishes in the Official Fantasy Premier League game!

  1. Target players with multiple avenues to points

Targeting players with multiple avenues of points is vital in FPL! Ideally you want players who can get you points from goals, assists, bonus points and even clean sheets. Look at players who take free kicks, corners and penalties etc.

A perfect example of a type of player with multiple sources of points is Trent Alexander-Arnold (£7.5m). Not only is he part of Liverpool’s solid defence but he takes free kicks corners, scores goals and gets plenty of assists!

  1. Don’t pay too much attention to last week’s points

This is something I was really guilty of when I first started playing fantasy football! For example N’Golo Kante scores a brace in Gameweek 1, and inevitably everyone transfers him in for Gameweek 2 and he doesn’t score again all season…

You have to be able to distinguish between good fantasy players and good players in real life. They don’t always match up, and if you do your homework you’ll be able to spot them!

  1. Pay close attention to fixtures

Looking at fixtures and planning your team and moves is the bread and butter of how a fantasy football manager should be playing! You need to know what teams have good upcoming fixtures and target the best players from those teams.

It’s easy to get drawn in to a player who scores a brace and then the following weeks plays Man. City away and then Liverpool. With the ownership and price rising, plus the talk of form over fixtures, you can be easily sucked in!

  1. Be very careful with hits

Transfers in fantasy football are one of the single most important factors in the game! Taking needless points hits and making rash transfers is a sure way to derail your season. Always think through your transfers. One of the key pieces of advice I give is to never make kneejerk or emotional transfers. Always let the dust settle and think with a cool head.

When making transfers, and especially when taking hits, always weigh up whether or not it’s worth it. Something may seem appealing on paper, but when you look at it from a statistical point of view it may not be!

  1. Hold on to your chips

In the Fantasy Premier League game we are given three chips which we can use at any time in the season and two wildcards – one of which needs to be used by Gameweek 20 and another which can be used from Gameweek 20 onwards to the end of the season!

Managers who use their wildcards and chips before the Blank and Double Gameweek’s will find this period very difficult to navigate without points hits and sacrifices. Remember the tortoise always beats the hare!

  1. Pay close attention to stats

There are so many sources of information now for fantasy football and so many stats you can look at. It’s important to filter this down and look at the ones that matter!

For attackers, I’d recommend looking at Shots in the Box, Shots on Target, Expected Goals (xG), expected assists (xA), Big Chances Created and those closely related to these.

For defenders and goalkeepers, clean sheet chance is the bread and butter! These stats are crucial and will allow you to find those golden nuggets and players that others may not be able to identify.

  1. Timing your transfers and building team value

Although it’s good to build team value, this is the least important of the ten tips! Timing your transfers to build team value could give you an advantage when it comes to the second half of the season. Building your team value at the start by making early transfers before players prices will increase your team value.

If you play it right you can build team value to somewhere between £110m to £117m. When it comes to the second wildcard and your rival only has around £99m this will swing the odds in your favour!

It gives you more flexibility in terms of which players you can get. The majority of the rises usually happen in the first five to six gameweeks. But always keep in mind pick the players who are good picks and rising in value!

  1. Learn from your mistakes

The best way to learn and become a great FPL is to learn from your mistakes and become a better manager because of them! For example, if you are taking too many risks with your captains and transfers and it isn’t working out, then re-assess and go back to basics. Captain the standout players and look at making the ‘obvious’ moves rather than chasing the big scores!

  1. Have a plan

Always have a plan in fantasy football! Think over the long term and don’t just transfer players in for one Gameweek. Look at the next five to six games at least. Look at teams who have good fixtures over a period of time and try to find teams who maybe coincide with a bad fixture run so you can better determine who to take out of your team as well as bring in!

Identifying fixture swings is a huge advantage and will give you a massive edge over your rivals!

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