Attention, CAREER MODE fans – MATCH has been taking a look at what’s changing on the game mode on FIFA 21! Check it out…


One of the biggest changes to Career Mode is the introduction of the new Interactive Match Sim! EA have been working hard to come up with a new way to experience matches and, for the first time, you’ll be able to jump in or out of the action at any given moment! Wicked!


On FIFA 20, you have the ability to develop any player into a world-class talent, but you can’t change their position… but that changes on the new game! The new growth system will allow you to train players into learning a new role! Who fancies converting Mbappe into a rock solid centre-back?! Maybe not…


It remains one of the most important aspects of Career Mode, so we’re excited to hear about improvements to transfers! The modern day transfer market has been going through some changes in recent years and EA have recognised that by adding new options such as loan to buy deals! Sick!


Team Schedule Planning means that you can now control what your players do every day of the season – this helps you monitor match sharpness, fitness levels and morale! If you fancy yourself as a good man manager – then you’ll love this new feature!

Take a look at some other quick changes coming to FIFA 21…

  • Only players that played in the match will now be impacted by your post-match comments!
  • Clubs will already have a youth scout hired and a number of players already recruited into their Youth Academy!
  • There are new financial takeover options when starting out your career!
  • Following the steps of Liverpool’s YNWA, Man. City and Real Madrid, more clubs will have their anthems on FIFA 21!