You can wheel away in style by learning some of the coolest celebrations in FIFA 21…


The ‘Shushing’ celebration has been removed from this year’s game, but we reckon the new ‘Cry Baby’ celebration might result in a few broken controllers! The good news is that only Kylian Mbappe can do it after scoring – and it isn’t guaranteed that he’ll do it either! Phew!

Playstation and Xbox: Run to the camera after scoring with Mbappe


Borussia Dortmund megastar Erling Haaland is one of the best youngsters on the new game – so it’s no surprise that EA have added his ‘Peace’ celebration this year! We can’t wait to try this one out!

Playstation: Hold R1 and double tap square

Xbox: Hold RB and double tap X


Fancy getting your teammates involved in your celebration? Then you’ll love this one! Three of your teammates will come and join you after scoring by taking part in a hilarious dance before spinning round. Love it!

Playstation: Hold R2 and flick R >>

Xbox: Hold RT and flick R >>


If you’re a Tottenham fan, then you’ll be buzzing to hear that Steven Bergwijn’s signature ‘Finger Twist’ celebration is on FIFA 21! The 22-year-old made an instant impact in the Premier League by scoring on his debut against Man. City last season, and his iconic celebration got a lot of attention!

Playstation: Tap X (Signature)

Xbox: Tap A (Signature)


If you aren’t in the mood to go crazy after finding the back of the net… then you don’t have to! You can celebrate by just chilling on the pitch for a few seconds like Kylian Mbappe is doing here. Brilliant!

Playstation: Hold R2 and hold R <

Xbox: Hold RT and hold R <


Since Francesco Totti celebrated scoring for Roma by taking a selfie with the club’s supporters a few years ago, numerous other players have tried it out, including Mario Balotelli!

Playstation and Xbox: Run to the adboards


EA have also added the signature celebration of another Tottenham star in the form of Dele Alli’s iconic ‘A’! The 24-year-old has struggled for first-team action under Jose Mourinho of late, but he’s still capable of tearing it up on FIFA 21!

Playstation: Tap X (Signature)

Xbox: Tap A (Signature)


If you’ve just scored an absolute screamer and you’re not quite sure how… then this is the perfect celebration to pull out of the bag! You’ll put your arms up in the air in disbelief before collapsing in a heap on the pitch!

Playstation: Hold R2 and hold R down

Xbox: Hold RT and hold R down