The 2020-21 ePremier League finalist chats to MATCH!


DIOGO SAYS: “We have other tournaments but the ePremier League is a different kind of tournament! It feels different because everyone is from the UK, which means everyone is friends. I’ve played friends in every single game!”


DIOGO SAYS: “If they’re playing Weekend League, I think my main tip is when you lose a game, don’t go straight into another one! When you go straight into another game, you’re still going to be mad that you’ve lost, and you’ll want to rush everything!”


DIOGO SAYS: “The only Premier League player I’ve played at the time was David Meyler! He was really good – he gets Top 100 on Weekend League! Oh, I’ve also played (Diogo) Jota, because we both represented Portugal last year!”


DIOGO SAYS: “My favourite formation will always be 4-4-2. I’ve just started using 5-3-2 myself because 4-4-2 hasn’t been working for me lately. It’s because the game is constantly evolving, and you have to adapt to it every year!”


DIOGO SAYS: “It would definitely be Bruno Fernandes, any of the versions! He’s in every single one of my teams. I think it’s the fact that he’s a central midfielder with good defending, and his shooting and dribbling is still crazy!”


DIOGO SAYS: “I get to represent Chelsea, who are such a big club! It’s crazy to be honest when I see them tweeting me and stuff!”


DIOGO SAYS: “My advice would be to back off! I’d say bait them, so pretend that you’re going to go and tackle them, and then back off! I think a lot of casual players start rushing when I do skills!”


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