There’s no doubt that the Man. City’s Phil Foden and Chelsea’s Mason Mount are gonna be two of the most important players for England at the Euros, but how do they measure up on FIFA 21? Which one would you rather pack?


It won’t be long until the gossip begins about who’s set for the biggest upgrades on FIFA 22! We reckon the 20-year-old starlet is set for a huge rating boost, as he’s massively out-performed his 79-rated card on FIFA 21! That being said, he’s still got some sick stats like 89 balance, 87 agility and four-star skills!


If anyone can challenge Foden when it comes to being England’s No.1 youngster, it’s Chelsea’s Mount! He’s been class under the management of Frank Lampard, and now Thomas Tuchel at Stamford Bridge! He pipped Foden to a place in EA’s Prem TOTS, and his 80-rated standard gold card is also slightly better!


FODEN                                               MOUNT

78                    Positioning                  79

74                    Finishing                     78

70                    Shot Power                 78

65                    Long Shots                 79

57                    Volleys                        61

64                    Penalties                     60



FODEN                                               MOUNT

87                    Agility                          80

89                    Balance                       76

78                    Reactions                    79

83                    Ball Control                 82

78                    Dribbling                      79

78                    Composure                 77



FODEN                                               MOUNT

79                    Vision                          81

69                    Crossing                      77

57                    FK. Accuracy              82

82                    Short Passing             81

76                    Long Passing              74

68                    Curve                          79



FODEN                                              MOUNT

59                    Interceptions               48

47                    Heading Acc.              59

58                    Def. Awareness          45

59                    Stand Tackle               53

47                    Sliding Tackle             34



FODEN                                               MOUNT

49                    Jumping                      50

74                    Stamina                       78

44                    Strength                      52

62                    Aggression                  66



FODEN                                               MOUNT

77                    Acceleration                78

74                    Sprint Speed               70


Even though he’s had a sick season at Man. City, Mount is still a better option on FIFA 21 than Foden! Mount’s high/medium workrate makes him a much more usable player on Ultimate Team, but if you’re more of a skills-based player, then you might prefer Foden because of his four-star skills!


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