Back in August, EA SPORTS dropped FIFA 21’s Official Gameplay Trailer! Check out all you need to know about it…


If you struggle to get the better of defenders, you’ll be buzzing to hear about some wicked changes to dribbling ahead of FIFA 21! The Agile Dribbling feature is a new way to keep close control of the ball and help you get on the attack! Once you’ve mastered it you’ll be able to leave defenders on the floor with some fancy footwork! Get in!


We can’t be the only ones who have struggled to score from crosses on FIFA 20? The good news is that EA have added three new ways to cross onto this year’s game to help boost our chances! One of the main additions is Trent Alexander-Arnold’s trademark Whipped Cross! The 21-year-old is an ambassador for the new game and we can’t wait to try out this sick new feature!


You’ll have way more control over how your attacking players move in this year’s game! The Creative Runs feature allows you to influence how your AI teammates move off the ball, increasing your chances of being able to breakdown your opponent’s defence! It might take some time to get used to though, as you only have a matter of seconds to trigger the direction of your runs! Wicked!


Getting in the right position at the right time is key in any football match – and that’s why EA have decided to make some big chances to positioning awareness! They are looking to make sure that the best players on the game are as good as they are in real life – so good luck trying to defend against the likes of Kylian Mbappe!


The new game is set to be more realistic than it’s ever been before with the most intelligent gameplay to date! One of the main ways that EA have gone about ensuring this is by creating new animation systems to better decide how players interact physically with each other! This should reduce the amount of chaotic situations in and around the box! Phew!


It’s fair to say that FIFA 20 hasn’t been the most popular – but EA have been working hard to improve some of the most important foundations of the game! They’ve made big changes to heading, defending, blocking, passing and crossing to help improve the gameplay! We can’t wait to get back to scoring headers again in the new game, whilst also making solid blocks with the likes of Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk!