There’s no doubt that the Tottenham and Bayern Munich heroes are two of the best strikers on the planet, but how do they measure up on FIFA 21? Which one would you rather pack?


Given that he’s leading the way in the Premier League for both goals and assists so far this season, the 27-year-old megastar is guaranteed to be even better on FIFA 22! He’s already got a sick card on this year’s game, though. If it wasn’t for his lack of pace, he’d be one of the most popular players on the game!


If anyone can challenge Hurri-Kane when it comes to finishing, it’s Bayern’s Lewandowski! He scored more goals last season than any other player in Europe, and he’s not showing any signs of slowing down! He’s absolutely deadly inside the box with a 94-rating for both positioning and finishing!


KANE                                                  LEWANDOWSKI

93                    Positioning                  94

94                    Finishing                     94

91                    Shot Power                 89

86                    Long Shots                 85

85                    Volleys                        89

90                    Penalties                     88



KANE                                                  LEWANDOWSKI

69                    Agility                          77

73                    Balance                       82

90                    Reactions                    93

84                    Ball Control                 88

80                    Dribbling                      85

91                    Composure                 88



KANE                                                  LEWANDOWSKI

83                    Vision                          79

75                    Crossing                      71

68                    FK. Accuracy              85

81                    Short Passing             84

83                    Long Passing              70

80                    Curve                          79



KANE                                                 LEWANDOWSKI

35                    Interceptions               49

85                    Heading Acc.              85

56                    Def. Awareness          35

36                    Stand Tackle               42

38                    Sliding Tackle             19



KANE                                                  LEWANDOWSKI

79                    Jumping                      84

84                    Stamina                       76

84                    Strength                      86

81                    Aggression                  81



KANE                                                  LEWANDOWSKI

66                    Acceleration                77

69                    Sprint Speed               78


Even though he’s had a sick season, Lewandowski is still a better option on FIFA 21 than Kane! If you’re more of a possession-based player who doesn’t rely on pace, then you’d enjoy using Kane, but Lewandowski has the better all-round stats which is why we’re going to stick with him!