The 2020-21 ePremier League finalist chats to MATCH!


MARC SAYS: “When Weekend League came out on FIFA 17, I realised that there might be a market to go down. The first time I qualified for a tournament was for the FIFA 19 e-Premier League, and that was when I realised that I could go professional on FIFA!”


MARC SAYS: “Don’t get angry at the game! One loss on Weekend League can turn into five in the space of an hour, so make sure you take plenty of breaks and that you’re in the right mindset!”


MARC SAYS: “4-4-2 is what I’ve been using since the start of the year. I think it has just got good balance everywhere. It was really good last year as well, so I’ve taken it from last year into this year, and I know how to play it!”


MARC SAYS: “I’ll go for Bruno Fernandes just because he’s been so good for me in the ePremier League. He just moves different to other players and can play in any position on the pitch. I was actually playing him as a striker which is pretty crazy!”


MARC SAYS: “There’s only one way it’s going for me! I remember doing an essay on it in school about three years ago and comparing it from then to now is crazy! I can only see it getting bigger!”


MARC SAYS: “I’d say be aggressive, especially with your player switching. I think this year you can get punished for being too passive!”


MARC SAYS: “They have been great with me so far. You don’t really get a lot of chances to represent football clubs, especially within the Premier League, so it’s been amazing!”

Marc Marley was speaking to MATCH ahead of the ePL Finals. You can watch the action back as eight finalists went head-to-head on the Premier League’s social media channels (, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube).


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