The 2020-21 ePremier League finalist chats to MATCH!


MITCH SAYS: “It’s tough! I think a lot of people think it’s really easy and that we just turn on FIFA and play naturally but that’s not the case. I reckon I play between three and five hours a day on average practicing against other pro and high-level players!”


MITCH SAYS: “If you really want to improve then your best chance of doing that is by watching players that are better than you. It’s all about trying to implement the small details in your game, and eventually those things will stick!”


MITCH SAYS: “It’s something that’s come with time for me! As I’ve played more and more and won more and more, I now believe that I can beat whoever I’m playing. You’ve got to believe in yourself!”


MITCH SAYS: “I’ve mainly been a 4-4-2 player this year. It just really depends on your opponent! Most of the time you’ll have to adapt and match what they’re playing as it’s a lot more tactical this year, so you’ve got to really think about your formation!”


MITCH SAYS: “That’s a tough question! There are a lot of great players. I’d have to go for Neymar as he’s great every year!”


MITCH SAYS: “The opportunity to represent a club in the Premier League, and one as big as Sheff. United, is great! It’s just great to be able to do something like that!”


MITCH SAYS: “If a player is really trying to do skills, and you can recognise that, it’s important to be able to anticipate when they’re going to use those skills moves. That’s the best way of counteracting them!”

Mitch Hayward was speaking to MATCH ahead of the ePL Finals. You can watch the action back as eight finalists went head-to-head on the Premier League’s social media channels (, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube).


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