2020-21 ePremier League runner-up OLLE ARBIN chats to MATCH!


OLLE SAYS: “I started playing competitively around FIFA 18, so I’ve been in the scene now for nearly three years. When I was young, I just started playing video games! I love competing and when I’m coming into something, I want to be the best!”


OLLE SAYS: “It’s a fantastic experience! It’s a huge honour being part of this big tournament and playing for Leeds!”


OLLE SAYS: “I’ve been speaking to Patrick Bamford – I’ve played him as well in the club play-offs for Leeds! I’ve also been talking to (Ezgjan) Alioski. They are two really nice guys and the support all of the fans have shown me is fantastic!”


OLLE SAYS: “I think my favourite formation is 4-2-2-2! I’ve played it since the start and I played it a lot on FIFA 20 as well, so I feel comfortable playing it. I’m also feeling comfortable switching to 4-2-3-1 as well, so these are my main two formations!”


OLLE SAYS: “I’d say R9! He’s been my main player since I started playing competitively this year, so it’s definitely him!”


OLLE SAYS: “If you want to improve on Weekend League, it’s very important to take pauses. You can’t play 30 games in a row, it’s not good for your brain or yourself! You should also play players that are better than yourself as you will learn new things!”


OLLE SAYS: “When I’m playing my best FIFA, I don’t really use skill moves for the most part. I’m just trying to pass as much as I can! If I’m going with one skill move, it’s definitely the directional bridge! It gives you a huge speed boost and can beat a one-v-one situation very easily!”

Olle Arbin was speaking to MATCH ahead of the ePL Finals. You can watch the action back as eight finalists went head-to-head on the Premier League’s social media channels (premierleague.com, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube).


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