HASHTAG TOM chats to MATCH! about playing for TOTTENHAM and some of his favourite players on FIFA!


TOM SAYS: “The ePremier League is something special. Getting opportunities to represent clubs that you love is not something that comes around often! I think a lot of the players look forward to this tournament and it’s been great again this year!”


TOM SAYS: “My whole family practically support Spurs so even though it’s not football, it’s still a massive privilege to represent them and be part of the event. It’s crazy to have the whole family watching to support me and the club at the same time! It’s not an opportunity that comes around every day so I’m very grateful and very privileged to be in the situation that I’m in!”


TOM SAYS: “It’s very much a mental game at the highest level because a lot of the time it’s going to come down to small margins. I think mentally you spend a lot of time before tournaments to make sure you’re ready for those situations when they happen. I think experience has definitely helped for me over the years because I definitely felt that pressure when I was younger!”


TOM SAYS: “I’ll give you two tips on how to improve on Weekend League! First, I’d recommend watching players that you know are better than you to help improve. I’d also say learn as many skill moves as possible, especially the four and five-star skills! They’ll make you unpredictable going forward, as well as making the game more fun!”


TOM SAYS: “I think the ‘cancel’ feature in this year’s game is very effective. You have the ability to ‘cancel’ a skill move very quickly every time you do one! It’s very effective whenever I cancel the ‘La Croqueta’, as well as the ‘Elastico’! A bit more of a simple one used to create space is the ‘Heel to Heel Flick’. I think it’s a very easy one to learn as well!”


TOM SAYS: “I think my most successful formation has been the 4-4-2. I think it’s very balanced this year and there’s a lot of emphasis on using through balls and getting it through to your striker quickly. I’d recommend any formation with two strikers on this year’s game but if I had to pick one it would be 4-4-2 variation with the two defensive midfielders for a bit more cover defensively!”


TOM SAYS: “If we keep it Premier League, I think Reece James has an unbelievable Future Stars card which I think came out around February. I’d recommend that card because as a right-back he’s great, but as a centre-back he’s even better! I really like the FUT Freeze Adama Traore card as a substitute as well – his pace and strength coming off the bench is always going to cause problems!”


TOM SAYS: “I think we’re definitely seeing a lot of younger players become successful earlier! It took me a few years to sort of understand what makes me work and how to improve. I think you’re seeing a whole new batch of players coming through this year. I think that’s going to continue happening as the scene grows! It’s massively helpful that Premier League clubs are getting involved to give that bit more exposure to it!”

‘Hashtag’ Tom Leese was speaking to MATCH ahead of the ePL Finals. You can watch the action back as eight finalists went head-to-head on the Premier League’s social media channels (premierleague.com, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube).

Interview by Sam Straw


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