MAN. CITY gamer RYAN PESSOA chats to MATCH! ahead of the Grand Finals of the ePremier League!

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RYAN SAYS: “I’m fine, I’m chilling! I’m looking forward to it. It should be a good event. It’s exciting that it’s in-person again. Being back in person, the atmosphere, having the players around you – I think it’s a lot better. I don’t like playing at home. I can’t complain because I have a great set-up, I’m able to play perfectly fine, but it’s just the atmosphere. It’s hard to treat a tournament like a tournament. It doesn’t feel like I’m in the zone!”

ryan pessoa


RYAN SAYS: “I’ll take any group! In all honesty, I kind of like it. I like playing the best players and obviously Tekkz is in our group. I thrive off of that rather than playing the lesser-known up-and-coming players. I’m happy with playing whoever, honestly!”


RYAN SAYS: “I don’t know. Obviously the format is a bit different to normal. You’re not just relying on your results, but also the other person you’re playing with. I’m just aiming to do my best and if that’s enough to progress then that’s it!”


RYAN SAYS: “I like it. I prefer it to other years. It brings the team aspect into it a lot more. I think it’s a good thing to add. It’s similar to other competitions I’ve had in the past and I always play well in that sort of format. I hope it translates into this as well. I’ve played practise games with Brandon. He’s looking forward to it, it’s his first event. I think he’ll be fine, he’s a confident kid and he’s very, very good!”


RYAN SAYS: “No! It’s less pressure. I have the mindset of I just need to do what I can do. I could win the game and we can still lose because it’s aggregate scores with someone else. I just think to myself that I just want to play my best and not let my team-mate down, and hopefully vice-versa as well. I genuinely play better when I have someone else’s fortune on my hands as well!”


RYAN SAYS: “Normally in previous years, I’m a bag of nerves weeks before. But I’m fine, I don’t feel any nerves. Obviously I think the excitement will build up closer to the time, maybe the nerves will kick in on the day. But in recent tournaments, I haven’t had that nerve factor and I’ve been playing a lot better without it. I’m just hoping that will be the case this time as well!”



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