The 23-year-old gamer chats to MATCH about his awesome eSports career so far and what it’s like to represent MAN. CITY!


RYAN SAYS: “I qualified for an event in Munich on FIFA 17 and won it, which led to qualifying for the FIFA Interactive World Cup Grand Finals. It was my first ever tournament and I sort of ‘fell’ into eSports, as I didn’t intend to qualify for the event, but I ranked in the top five in the world for that specific month on FUT Champions which ensured my qualification!”

FIFA 21!

RYAN SAYS: “I don’t mind FIFA 21 in all honesty. It’s not a perfect game but I’ve sort of learnt over the years that there’ll never technically be a ‘perfect’ game appreciated by everyone, so I try not to focus on what I think about the game. However, I do prefer it to both FIFA 19 and FIFA 20!”


RYAN SAYS: “I currently use the 5-3-2 after the past three weeks. It’s not something I’ve always used or thought of using but I enjoy the attacking aspect of the formation because of the wing backs bombing forward and two strikers!”


RYAN SAYS: “I would say to stop sprinting all the time, especially when dribbling. Something I notice when I play against lower tier players is that they are always sprinting whilst dribbling which makes the likelihood to lose the ball quite high!”


RYAN SAYS: “It’s an amazing achievement to qualify once, let alone four times. The result didn’t go as intended, however, to represent Man. City at an event is something I always cherish!”


RYAN SAYS: “My favourite moment from qualifying this year has to be when Shellzz and I got the desired results on the final week. Shellzz lost his match in the semi-finals and I won my game, and it went to a decisive game where I beat my opponent, and vice versa in the final, where I lost and Shellzz clutched up!”


RYAN SAYS: “Shellzz and I have had a great relationship even prior to joining Man. City. It’s an amazing thing to be partnered with someone you are friends with outside of FIFA and we have a great relationship and boost each other’s morale in tough times!”


RYAN SAYS: “I have had opportunities to create content remotely with Sergio Aguero since the lockdown began but obviously it’s been a tough time to have more of those opportunities since the pandemic and hectic football schedule but I’m grateful for everything Man. City do for me!”

Ryan Pessoa and Shellzz were speaking after representing Man. City at the FIFAe Club World Cup. You can watch them both in action by following The Citizens on Twitch @ManCity and Twitter @mancityesports