MATCH gets to know the awesome BRISTOL CITY midfielder!


AIMEE SAYS: “In football, my favourite players growing up were Kelly Smith and Jordan Nobbs, just because they played in midfield and were very iconic figures in women’s football. In men’s football it would be Wes Hoolahan, because I supported Norwich!”


AIMEE SAYS: “If I wasn’t a footballer, I would definitely be playing another sport. I used to play cricket and swim, and literally did any sport I could at school, so I’d definitely be doing a different sport!”


AIMEE SAYS: “It’s probably bad but I couldn’t live without my phone. I moved away from home when I was 16 to Bristol, so my phone’s always been that one thing I can use to keep in contact with friends and family when I’ve not been home!”


AIMEE SAYS: “I think my footballing strength is my range of passing. From a young age, I used to love playing hard passes and especially switching the ball. My weakness would be heading for sure but it’s something I’m working hard on!”


AIMEE SAYS: “My favourite food is probably pizza. I love pizza but I also like pretty much every food. I also really like apples, and I always have an apple a day, but it has to be a Pink Lady. I can’t stand sprouts or broccoli, especially when they’ve been boiled. No food should be boiled apart from eggs, in my opinion!”


AIMEE SAYS: “The proudest moment is probably signing my first pro contract. Just because since I was a kid I’d always dreamt of being a footballer, and for it to happen just made me feel relieved and that the sacrifices were worth it!”


AIMEE SAYS: “My favourite goal was the one that I scored for Sheffield United when I was on loan against Durham. It was quite late on in the game and it was 0-0 at the time. It was a really important game and I received the ball and just remember needing to get a shot off. Everyone wants to score the winner! It was definitely one of my best goals!”


AIMEE SAYS: “Like I said before, I like playing other sports like cricket and table tennis. And I also like watching a lot of sports, anything that’s on I’ll watch. My favourite music is R&B, and I’d say my favourite TV series of all time is Gavin and Stacey!”


AIMEE SAYS: “The first football match I went to was most likely a Norwich game. I don’t remember the exact game, but we used to get to go to some games when I played for Norwich COE. I’m sure we won or drew because, when I was younger, I never saw Norwich lose at home until I was in my teens!”


AIMEE SAYS: “When I was five, I broke my jaw trying to perform a dancing on ice lift with my older sister – and then had to have braces for about nine years!”