The MAN. UNITED full-back tells MATCH about the toughest players he’s come up against during his awesome career!


ASHLEY SAYS:Theo Walcott or Aaron Lennon. They’re so quick, it’s a joke trying to defend against them! They’re a lot quicker than me – Aaron has that ability to stop and then just go straight off again, and you’re like, ‘Woah, what’s happened here?’ But maybe Theo just wins!”


ASHLEY SAYS: Victor Anichebe. Vic’s huge – his shoulders are so wide that when he puts his body across you, there’s no moving him – you just can’t get around him! To be fair, Emile Heskey and John Carew, who I played with for Aston Villa, were tough as well. If they put their arms out, you had no chance!”


ASHLEY SAYS:Lionel Messi. For me he’s the best in the world and, although I’ve only played him in pre-season, he is unbelievable. That was during our USA tour last summer – I was supposed to be marking him, but I couldn’t get close to him!”


ASHLEY SAYS:Nani had lots of tricks, but right now I’d say Anthony Martial. His feet are unbelievable – they’re a joke! He can be the best in the world. In training I just stay away from him! In small-sided games he really comes to life, and I’ve seen him embarrass people – but I won’t name names!”


ASHLEY SAYS: “When I played as a winger, I always said Wes Brown. He was the toughest, but he was also massively underrated! In terms of current right-backs, Kyle Walker is right up there. Defenders are so quick nowadays – ask Gary Neville, he’ll tell you that right-backs didn’t use to be as quick as they are now!”


ASHLEY SAYS:David Beckham, from when I first played with England. Do I need to say anymore? His crossing ability was unbelievable! He was still in the England squad when I got my first couple of senior call-ups – I’m that old!”


ASHLEY SAYS:Liverpool’s is the toughest – it’s pure hatred between the fans! When you turn up, things get thrown at the bus, there are flares going off and, because the fans are really close to the pitch, you get shouted at when you collect the ball for a throw-in. If it’s in the crowd, you don’t get it back…”


ASHLEY SAYS: Ryan Giggs – his left foot was like a wand! I always think that left-footed players look better than right-   footed ones anyway – it’s more unique. You never hear about a ‘wand of a right foot’, it’s always the left, and Giggsy had a wand!”


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