ROBERT LEWANDOWSKI chats about his jaw-dropping form and top-quality career!

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LEWANDOWSKI SAYS: “I am proud of this award since we have four fewer games in the Bundesliga than the leagues in England, Spain, Italy or France and also I played only 29 games because of injury! After missing four games, I knew that I could only achieve it if I scored at least three goals in one of the remaining games!”



LEWANDOWSKI SAYS: “I knew that I had a great chance to break Gerd Muller’s 40-goal Bundesliga record from 1970-71! But it was not so simple. I felt the importance of this record to the German public. That is why these 41 goals were exceptional – and they are also a credit to the entire Bayern team. The Golden Shoe belongs to them!”


LEWANDOWSKI SAYS: “I admired Thierry Henry for his style of play, his runs, his technical skills and accuracy in shooting! I often watched his matches. So he was an inspiration but also the people around me. I know how hard it was for my mother and father because we lived 30 or 40 km from Warsaw and it was very difficult for them, after work, to travel with me to training!”


LEWANDOWSKI SAYS: “For a striker, the goals tally always comes first in the public eye! However, for me, the priority must be the team. The better the team play, the more goals I can score. It is always inter-connected. For a team it is difficult to play without a striker but a striker cannot play at all without a team. Firstly, the team have to win, and then I can think about my goals!”



LEWANDOWSKI SAYS: “I suppose you might say I am now a complete Lewandowski! I always wanted to be a modern, complete striker. It is no problem for me to play in different systems and styles of play. I always wanted to be strong everywhere, with the right foot, the left, and heading. I wanted to be a striker who masters all tactical systems!”



LEWANDOWSKI SAYS: “I used to have no chance to score goals from long range because I was mostly in the penalty area. Outside the penalty area I might have had one or two shots in five games. So in training I concentrate on shooting from a distance more often to be able to react automatically and more effectively during a match!”


LEWANDOWSKI SAYS: “I try to concentrate on my own game and myself. But there are so many fantastic strikers around. In the Bundesliga, Erling Haaland has enormous potential, a huge appetite for goals and he always wants more. In England there’s Harry Kane, Karim Benzema is still in top form for Real Madrid and Romelo Lukaku is so strong and powerful!”


LEWANDOWSKI SAYS: “The season still has a long way to go and there are lots of matches to be played! At Bayern Munich, we aim for the highest while the biggest achievement with Poland would be to take part in the 2022 World Cup. As for me, personally, age is only a number and, with my experience and preparation, I know I can play on at the top level for a few years longer!”




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