MATCH catches up with TOTTENHAM heroes BEN DAVIES and ERIC DIER!


DAVIES SAYS: “It’s pretty unbelievable, especially after losing the first two games of the Champions League this year! But we always believed we had a chance, and we gave our all – and that was our reward! The way football’s going for us at this club, we’re really happy – especially playing in the competitions we are and playing at the level we are.”

DIER SAYS: “Yeah, I also made my 200th appearance for the club, which was an incredible feeling. It’s something I’m very proud of – a good milestone. This is my fifth season at Spurs now, and I feel like I’ve really played a part in the history of the club!”


DIER SAYS: “From the first day he arrived, he’s had a style that he wants us to play and a way he wants us to work. He always demands more every day – we can win 3-0 or lose 3-0, and he’ll treat us exactly the same way the next day… he’s relentless! He’s created a belief and a family feel to the club with the fans, and that’s translated onto the pitch!”

DAVIES SAYS: “Yeah, the work ethic he’s brought to the club has been huge. Everybody tries to be the best and work as hard as they can to get better every day. Having that team feeling and attitude that he’s created has really benefitted us as a team!”


DAVIES SAYS: “I had an appearance at the club shop a month or two before it opened, and even then I thought it was unbelievable! It was a bit of a wait to start playing there, but just getting there eventually has been worth it!”

DIER SAYS: “It looks amazing – we were all so excited to be there! I hadn’t actually visited it before it opened – I preferred to go for the first time when it was really finished, and experience it properly instead of at different stages.”


DAVIES SAYS: “It can be harder when you’re out injured watching the games – you’re even more nervous because you know you can’t affect the match at all!”

DIER SAYS: “Being injured is always a difficult period. We want to be playing every game and training every day. When you go to the training ground and see everyone else training but you have to do something else, it’s never nice, but it’s just part of the game.”


DIER SAYS: “You feel all sorts of emotions off the crowd, and when we hear the songs, it lifts us. The supporters will have a massive effect on us and the way we play. With the high-intensity, aggressive game that the manager wants us to play, it’s really important that the crowd’s behind you. It gives us that energy!”

DAVIES SAYS: “It’s huge! Like Eric says, you feed off the energy that the crowd gives you. When we play from the back, taking risks, it can be difficult if the crowd are on you, but that belief gets you through games!”