BRAZIL baller NEYMAR chats to MATCH about his international journey and some of his team-mates!


NEYMAR SAYS: “I never planned to wear the No. 10.  That was never in my mind. I always said that I wanted to wear 7 or 11. It was Dani Alves who looked at me and said you are a no.10 you must wear it. I am glad that I listened to him. Of course it’s a number some of our greatest ever players have worn!”


NEYMAR SAYS: “I am happy just to play. Of course when you are asked to captain your country there is a very special feeling. You don’t have to wear an armband to be a captain. There are many captains in the team. If I am asked to be captain or not I will always try and lead and help the team!”


NEYMAR SAYS: “It was an important win for us. For me personally I felt like there was a lot of pressure of me to perform well in a Brazil jersey and that tournament I felt I could show the fans what I was capable of!”


NEYMAR SAYS: “It is always a target to score goals. To go above Ronaldo in goals for Brazil was humbling. He is one of the best players ever at his peak he was a phenomenon that could not be stopped. To win two World Cups and score so many important goals. He will go down in the history of our greatest players!”



NEYMAR SAYS: “I am not even thinking about that! All I am focused on is winning games, helping the team, and if that means scoring goals and breaking records then I will be happy – but nobody compares to Pele. He is the king – nobody can be compared to the king!”


NEYMAR SAYS: “For me growing up it was always Robinho I was trying to emulate and he was my idol. Watching him made me a better player – and then to get an opportunity to play with him for Santos and Brazil was a big dream for me!”


NEYMAR SAYS: “They are both top players and they have shown their quality with Real. I hope they are enjoying the experience playing in Europe – but in Brazil people can be in a bit of a hurry. They are young and they need time to hit the top level – but once they are there I think they will stay there for a very long time!”

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