The BOURNEMOUTH and ENGLAND goal king chats to MATCH about his footy heroes, England debut, dream strike partners and more!


CALLUM SAYS: “Thierry Henry. I used to watch clips of him on YouTube and TV, and the way he was as a footballer – gliding past people, scoring goals – is what I tried to emulate when I was younger. I think I’m my own version of him now!”


CALLUM SAYS: “I’ve got long-term goals – making my England debut and scoring was a big one – and now that’s happened, I want to play and score even more for my country! I’d also like to play in the Champions League, reach 100 career goals and then, if possible, make it to 100 in the Prem too!”


CALLUM SAYS: “I’m working on my hold-up play and left-foot finishing. It’s as simple as just practising and building up the confidence to make sure you’re making good contact. Before that, I was working hard on my heading, and I’ve scored a few with my head this season, so obviously that’s improved!”


CALLUM SAYS: “When you’re away in the camp, it’s a blur! It’s not until you get home that you think, ‘Blimey, I played for England the other day, and I scored!’ I watched it back and could have had a hat-trick, and that just makes me hungrier to go back and improve!”


CALLUM SAYS: “When I joined Bournemouth, the No.9 shirt was already taken. The No.13 has some personal relevance to me and, after I took it on, I had a good season straight away. People say that it’s unlucky, but it doesn’t affect me and I’m happy with it. A lot of people have bought shirts with my name and number, so I can’t go and change my number now!”


CALLUM SAYS: “Before I got injured I was penalty taker, and when I came back I was penalty taker, but then I got injured again and Josh King took over and scored one at Old Trafford, so the gaffer put him on penalties. But if he’s not on the pitch I take them, and even if he is I still try to take them!”


CALLUM SAYS: “I had a prolific partnership with Leon Clarke at Coventry – we scored about 30 goals between us! He stands out because we were good friends and we were scoring in every game, so that was my best partnership.”


CALLUM SAYS: “It’d probably be someone like Lionel Messi – he’d give me some good service, but then he’d also want to take the penalties and free-kicks, so we’d be arguing on the pitch! But he’d be perfect to feed me the ball!”


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