MATCH spoke to the speedy full-back recently, and he told us all about his Spurs team-mates!


DANNY SAYS: “The best trainer, other than the goalkeepers, is Harry Kane. He gives the same dedication, application and desire every single day without fail. He always does extra training and extra finishing – he deserves everything he gets because of how professional he is.”

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DANNY SAYS: “Mousa Dembele – he’s the most difficult to tackle. The Belgian and Dutch players play Futsal growing up, and he’s one of the best at it. He’s made half the Premier League look silly with his skills, and we have to suffer that every day in training! He’s a joy to watch.”

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DANNY SAYS: “I’d probably say Dele Alli – he’s always winding people up and recording everyone on his Snapchat. He likes to wind up Eric Dier all the time. Those two tend to go at it quite a lot!”

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DANNY SAYS: “I’d say Kyle Walker or Moussa Sissoko. When I started as a player, people used to come in and test how fast you could sprint over 10, 20 and 30 metres. We’ve stopped doing that recently, so it’d be interesting to see who’d win at Spurs!”

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DANNY SAYS: “I’d say Dele! Not in terms of common sense, but he’s not very good at knowing old players. I know he’s only young, but if you asked him about a player from ten years ago, you’d have to explain who he played for!”

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DANNY SAYS: “Harry Kane – he’s the DJ. He plays a bit of everything – Chris Brown, Craig David, Justin Bieber. I don’t mind his music, it depends on what mood I’m in before a game as to whether I listen to my own music or his. There’s always music on in the changing rooms.”

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DANNY SAYS: “I think it’s out of Dele or Sissoko – we have FIFA at the training ground so we sometimes play it there. Moussa has a portable PlayStation that he carries around with him and uses when we travel to away games. I used to be really good at it, but now I’m horrific!”

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DANNY SAYS: “One’s Danny Welbeck – I first played against him when I was 11 at Leeds and he was at Man. United. Ever since, we’ve got on really well. The other is Fabian Delph – I joined Leeds when I was 11 and he was already there. Straightaway, he looked after me and helped me settle in. We speak every week!”

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