MATCH gets to know the MAN. UNITED and ENGLAND UNDER-21 forward!


ELLA SAYS: “Cristiano Ronaldo. When he played for Man. United I used to watch clips on YouTube of him doing his skills in matches, and then I’d go out into the garden and practise them! I loved the way he played, his passion for the game and just how hard working he is. I wanted to be just like him and just as skilful as him!”


ELLA SAYS: “I worked hard because I wasn’t the cleverest. I had to revise a lot for my exams, but I passed them all! I loved all my teachers and still stay in contact with some now. My favourite subject was PE. I went to every single afterschool club there was, because I love playing sport!”


ELLA SAYS: “I don’t know exactly what I would be, but it would definitely have to be something in football. It’s my passion and I just love being involved in sport and being active!”


ELLA SAYS: “I’m lucky to have made a lot of friends through football. I have a lot of close friends at Man. United who I would class as sisters. I’d have to say my best friend is Mollie Green. We’re always laughing together – she’s my best friend and my big sister in one!”


ELLA SAYS: “I think my strength is that I’m creative and I want to play exciting, attacking football. I’d like to say I’m good at receiving the ball in the pockets and playing forward. I want to improve the physical side of my game, which I’m working hard on!”


ELLA SAYS: “The one I scored for the England Under-17s in our Euro qualifier against Belarus. It’s important to me as my grandad passed away before I left for the tournament, and my mum and dad flew out to watch, so that goal was for them!”


ELLA SAYS: “Captaining England Under-19s. It’s always a special moment when you represent your country, and it was a dream since I was a little girl. Also, I’d have to say winning the league in our first season as a new team at Man. United!”


ELLA SAYS: “Spending time with my friends. I can’t sit still, so when I’m not training I’m always doing something with them. Before the lockdown I was always spending money on food and eating out at different restaurants!”