MATCH caught up with Chelsea defender Gary Cahill recently, and he told us all about The Blues’ dressing room…



GAZ SAYS: “This might sound boring, but our DJ is the kit man! If you want a song on, you go and request it. Our playlist is the most random thing ever because you have Brazilian songs, Spanish songs, then English ones. But normally it comes from Willian, Oscar or Diego with Brazilian music.”

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GAZ SAYS: “Willian is the one that always seems to make a lot of effort, but he carries it off well too. He wears all sorts – generally it’s smart – he just looks well dressed. Some lads just wear tracksuits and hoodies, but he never does.”



GAZ SAYS: “Probably Ivanovic, who just isn’t bothered at all! I can see why – he probably just wants to get his tracksuit on, come to work and go home, and he’ll tell you he’s got no one to impress in our changing room!”



GAZ SAYS: “Probably the skipper John Terry. There are so many languages at our club, so naturally in certain environments people speak in their own languages. When Ashley Cole and Frank Lampard moved on, it just ended up with me and John Terry speaking English to each other!”



GAZ SAYS: “Diego Costa, and it’s crazy because he hardly speaks any English! You see him on the pitch as being aggressive, but off the pitch he acts like a ten-year-old kid. He might not even be doing something that funny, but he’s always looking to do something crazy!”



GAZ SAYS: “Nobody’s too vain in our club, which is a good thing I suppose. Maybe someone like Thibaut – he spends a lot of time in the mirror doing his hair. Most of the time I come in and my hair is just a mess, but he would definitely make sure his looked alright!”



GAZ SAYS: “I’d say Begovic. He stands out because we were doing a quiz not long ago and he seemed to know the answer to loads of questions – things you wouldn’t expect. So, I’d probably say him.”

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GAZ SAYS: “Everyone just acts like kids! One of the things that’s been going on recently is when you come down from the canteen, people jump out at you. You’d be holding your dinner, and there was food going everywhere for about two weeks! You’d have to check the reflection in the window to make sure no-one was there!”

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