MATCH gets to know the BIRMINGHAM and ENGLAND goalkeeper!


HANNAH SAYS: “It would have been when I was living in Spain and I was five years old. Being a player for Villarreal, they provided season tickets and my dad and I went to watch Villarreal vs Real Madrid at El Madrigal Stadium. It was really special being able to support the men’s first team with my team-mates and watching Cristiano Ronaldo play for them!”


HANNAH SAYS: “I would probably be a Paramedic because I liked the fact you are helping people in their most difficult times and having an impact on their lives. I think it is important to always have a second occupation so when your career finishes you have something new to go into.”


HANNAH SAYS: “I don’t really have a favourite goalkeeper, however, I am regularly compared to Jordan Pickford, in terms of ball distribution and agility around the goal!”


HANNAH SAYS: “Footballing wise it would have to be my England shirts that we are provided with after international matches, as it acts as a reminder after all the hard work and sacrifice you put in can lead to achieving your dreams!”


HANNAH SAYS: “I think for me it’s my distribution. Modern day goalkeepers have to be able to play with both feet and distribute the ball to multiple positions at different heights on the pitch. I’ve worked really hard since when I was young to play the ball with both feet in terms of equal power, skill and accuracy. In addition, I think my agility around the goal is a strength of mine as it enables me to cover the goal area quicker and more effectively.”


HANNAH SAYS: “If you spoke to any of my team-mates they would say that I am a very fussy eater….which is totally untrue! I do eat chicken and noodles without sauce or spices every day and sometimes twice a day if I am feeling extravagant – and for all of my pre-match meals as well. I don’t really have a least favourite food – I like to try new things providing they do not have any spice in them!”


HANNAH SAYS: “Most recently, my proudest moment has changed because the phone call from Phil Neville calling me up to Senior Lionesses, She Believes Cup Squad just cannot be topped. The start of my dream to become a Senior Lioness is coming true!”


HANNAH SAYS: “I was playing for England U17’s in the Euro Elite Rounds against Italy at St. George’s Park, where we needed a draw or win to secure qualification to the Euro Finals in Czech Republic. It was the 90th minute and it was 0-0, an Italian player shot from the edge of the box to my bottom left corner. I managed to get fingertips onto the ball to push it onto the post and out for a corner when the final whistle blew – and we qualified for the Euro Finals!”


HANNAH SAYS: “I’m not really a series or film watcher I can’t sit still and concentrate for that long and I always have to be doing something to keep me occupied – I much more prefer to learn new skills. My favourite hobby would be playing the piano and guitar – I enjoy being self-taught and I like the challenge of learning new songs!”


HANNAH SAYS: “I learnt to ski when I was four years old and went skiing every year until I became a professional footballer. Andorra was the main area I went skiing as it was on the drive to and from Spain and England when I lived in Spain for five years!”