ENGLAND’s rock-solid centre-back Harry Maguire chats about being part of The Three Lions’ squad!

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MAGUIRE SAYS: “Obviously we’re a tight group, a lot of togetherness, spirit! When you’re winning football matches it always brings the spirit up. Since our defeat to Croatia in 2018, every game that we’ve played we’ve tried to improve. The belief’s there, we have a great group, exceptional talent, some great leaders and some great experience. We’re not getting carried away!”


MAGUIRE SAYS: “I think for sure we’re in a better place now than in 2018! The experience of 2018, we would’ve learnt from and the games in between. We’ve had a lot of big games in that period to improve, a lot of time spent together on the training pitch, in friendlies and qualifiers. Every game we play together we feel like we’re going to improve!”


MAGUIRE SAYS: “I think in a team, you’ve got to build it on balance and a great mixture. At the moment we’ve got the young, exceptional talents in this country. They’re all going to have wonderful careers. It’s important that we keep the spine and the experience and the leaders in the group, and at the moment the balance seems to be good. I think we’re all going in the same direction, we want all the same thing, and that’s to win football matches!”


MAGUIRE SAYS: “He has every attribute to be one of the best left-backs in the world! I’d probably say the main difference I feel in Luke is his mentality, in terms of pushing himself and really the demands he’s putting on himself now to not just be a 6/10 each and every game, not play comfortable, to go and really push on. There’s no reason he can’t do that with all the attributes and ability that he has!”


MAGUIRE SAYS: “Ever since I made my England debut, Gareth’s been brilliant for this team! He probably sits here and gives us all the plaudits as players but we appreciate the job that he’s doing, the way that he sets us up and his man-management skills. I can’t speak highly enough of Gareth and his coaching staff and the way he’s gone about his business over the last four years!”


MAGUIRE SAYS: “As an England manager, it’s hard to please everyone – especially the public, in terms of the way he sets up and the team selection. We trust him that whatever team he picks and whatever style of play he wants to go with is the best one for the job! Gareth’s support of me has been brilliant. He picked me to make my debut and ever since I’ve been available I’ve pretty much played in every game possible!”



MAGUIRE SAYS: “Everyone prepares in a different way! Some people like more videos, some people like more meetings, some people like to study the opponents and some people like to be left alone and really focus on themselves. Recovery, pool, massage, analysis – we have great staff at England. We have everything to help us improve and make us prepare!”


MAGUIRE SAYS: “Wembley’s our home, it’s where we grew up watching – it’s where we want to play! We know the atmosphere at Wembley’s always electric! The atmosphere against Germany, it really felt like football was back. It’s what football deserves, that atmosphere, the fans in the stadium. We’re really feeling their support and love and it’s really spurring us on!”

EURO 2020!

MAGUIRE SAYS: “The atmosphere against Germany was one of the best I’ve played in! The fans, the amount of noise they made, the buzz, especially when we scored that first and then the second goal, and the relief. It was a great occasion for everyone and everyone will have great memories from it. When you play for your country, it’s all about creating memories and history!”


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