MAN. CITY’S attacking midfielder JACK GREALISH chats about his classy career so far!

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GREALISH SAYS: “I just take it in my stride! Stuff like that you’ve just got to see it as a good thing. If I’m being compared to people like that then it means I’m doing something right. I like to see myself as a person who doesn’t rise to pressure. Pressure’s a good thing and stuff like that I take in my stride! It made me happy that Gazza likes me as a player! If I can get any performances as close to what he did then I’ll be over the moon!”


GREALISH SAYS: “I don’t really get fed up with it! Sometimes obviously you have certain tackles that hurt. If I’m doing something positive to help the team, then I’ll do that and be happy. I’ll take the hits for the team, that doesn’t really bother me!”


GREALISH SAYS: “It’s what I wanted! Obviously I wanted to have a good season at Aston Villa but my main thing was to try to break my way into the squad. I had my debut in September and to be at the Euros was a dream come true. I remember watching Russia in 2018 and it was crazy how football brought the whole nation together!”


GREALISH SAYS: “My driving test! I hated it. I had to be at Villa after it because we were leading up to the FA Cup final. I think it was the Thursday and the final was on the Saturday, As soon as I pulled out the test centre I stalled the car and I knew that I failed straight away so I got out of the car and went to training!”



GREALISH SAYS: “I’m confident in my ability. With football, I just try to go out and play. I’ve done it my whole life, every day in training, as a kid, playing in games. So when I step on to the pitch, playing in a big game, I just tell myself it’s just a game of football. I try to take it in my stride. I don’t change anything, I just go with the flow and do what I normally do!”



GREALISH SAYS: “I’m not too sure actually! I like playing off the left. I obviously played there for Villa – I had a good relationship with Matt Targett who obviously helped me when I came inside. I enjoy playing No.10. If you’re playing with three in midfield, with two No8s, I enjoy playing there. Anywhere really – as soon as I’m on the pitch I’m at my happiest!”


GREALISH SAYS: “Deep down I knew that it was something I could work on! I tried to do that as much as I could last season. I think I need to do it more and be more disciplined when I’m playing central. That’s just something that I knew I could work on and I tried to do that as much as possible last season!”


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