The ENGLAND and EVERTON keeper chats to MATCH about some of his favourite moments of 2018. Get in!


JORDAN SAYS: “It was a quality night! To pick up a clean sweep of three awards just showed the season I’d had – and hopefully that the fans had really likened to me. Hopefully I can keep performing like that for the rest of this season and maybe get it again, but it’ll be hard because we have some good players and they’re on form. I know how good I can be on the ball, but the main thing for me is just to do my best  – and if that’s keeping clean sheets or making great saves, then I know I’m doing my job!”


JORDAN SAYS: “It was a great moment – I saw the numbers got released early and I got the number 1 shirt. A number never matters, and I didn’t know that I’d be first-choice keeper, but going into a World Cup with the No.1 on your shirt was quality! But then I had to keep working hard in training to get the nod from the gaffer, and he told me for sure about week before the first game. You only get one shot in football, and I took it!”


JORDAN SAYS: “It was probably the biggest emotional game you could ever witness! It was about a 50,000 seater stadium and around 40,000 were cheering on Colombia, so the hostility was incredible. When I made the save in the last-min from 35 yards I thought it would be the match winner, but a game’s never over until the final whistle. Then big Yerry Mina, who’s now here, popped up with their goal! The momentum was with Colombia, but we didn’t let that affect us. When we got to pens, I said to myself, ‘I’m gonna do this’, and made a crucial save. I was in a world of my own, but then realised that Eric Dier had to score his – which he did!”


JORDAN SAYS: “We knew it was gonna be another tough game. They were playing well and had exceeded expectations by getting to the quarters, and we knew the fight and passion they had. I knew I had to be in the game all-game. We were 1-0 up after the break and they came at us. Luckily, I made some crucial saves at the crucial times, and won the Man Of The Match, so I was really happy!”


JORDAN SAYS: “It was great that the manager and chairman put such faith in me. Signing a six-year contract with a club that’s going forward was obviously an easy decision for me. It was an extension to my current deal, but also to my Everton career – and it was a quality moment!”


JORDAN SAYS: “This picture was just after saving a penalty against Crystal Palace when the game was 0-0. I let my emotions run high when I’m saving pens and I have a little celebration when I do, but I’m in the moment, the adrenaline’s flying and it was a crucial save – after that we went on to win 2-0! Hopefully I can become a bit of a penalty specialist! I do my research  when I can and that gives me the best opportunity to save them – and I always go into them confident!”




Interview by Jared Tinslay