The TOFFEES keeper chats about his team-mates ahead of the new season!


JORDAN SAYS: “If I get the chance, I’ll put some house music on, but that only happens when I’m first in the changing room. On game day it’s normally Tom Davies and Dominic Calvert-Lewin – and they usually play R’n’B!”


JORDAN SAYS: “There aren’t really as many pranks in football these days, but I’d say Leighton Baines is the funniest – he definitely gets his giggle in. Ledge!”


JORDAN SAYS: “Tom Davies has his own fashion sense – he wears some mad clothes! That’s all I’ll say… and, just for the banter, I’ll say Gylfi Sigurdsson has a dodgy fashion sense as well!”


JORDAN SAYS: “I haven’t asked the other lads about theirs, but I do have one myself – my shinpads have to be at the right height. I’ll wear them wherever feels comfortable, but they have to be the same height on both legs!”


JORDAN SAYS: “We all have to be on the training field at the same time, and I think the whole squad works hard. Everybody gives 100% when they’re training, so I wouldn’t know who to pick for that one – I won’t name any names!”


JORDAN SAYS: “Yeah, I’d say that’s got to be me – I’m never off my phone! I spend most of my time on social media and WhatsApp. I don’t get told off though, because I always use my phone at the right times!”


JORDAN SAYS: “On the pitch, I’m probably the loudest – I never stop shouting! Off the pitch I’d say Tom Davies – he’s always got banter!”


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