The classy BELGIUM and MAN. CITY megastar chats to MATCH!


DE BRUYNE SAYS: “Obviously both teams will be up there at the end ofthe season, I’m sure of that! We both have the quality, so it’ll be competitive like always. It can be different to last season – there are many circumstances that Premier League success depends on. When you are in lots of different competitions, anything can happen!”


DE BRUYNE SAYS: “I think it’s different every campaign. One year we did better against the smaller teams, the other year we lost mostly against the smaller teams – it can change. You just need to be one point ahead of the other teams, and how you get there doesn’t really matter!”


DE BRUYNE SAYS: “Maybe we’ll need over 100 points to win it, or maybe we won’t need as many as 95 points because other teams will take points off of each other. How it looks now doesn’t matter – because competition is so high, you can win it in the last few games of the year.”


DE BRUYNE SAYS: “We don’t need to be better, we just need to be consistent. Now it’s Christmas, we can see which teams are up there, but even now it’s just about us. We need to take notice of what other teams are doing, a little bit, but obviously we’re the main focus for ourselves in the Premier League.”


DE BRUYNE SAYS: “I think you have to use it for everything. For example, I don’t think you can use it just for a red card and not for a yellow, because if you get two yellows nobody will look at it to correct a mistake. The rules need to be clearer – then I’m sure everything will be fine with VAR.”


DE BRUYNE SAYS: “The way that we’ve done transfers since I’ve been here has seen lots of young talent come in who are willing to play our style. There’s always big money being spent by everyone, and this is becoming more and more the case with the amount of money coming into football over the last few seasons.”


DE BRUYNE SAYS: “Defensive midfield is a very difficult position, but I think he’s perfect for the way that we want to play. You need to be very good on the ball and defensively strong. Not a lot of people can do both sides of it, but he can. He’s got the defensive and offensive ability, so I think that’s why he’s right for us!”


DE BRUYNE SAYS: “I think it’s important to show you want to compete for every title. It is tough, and to do it you need everything. You need a bit of luck, good form and then you need to play well. But we’ve done that for the last few years!”