The MAN. UNITED man chats about growing up loving footy to becoming a THREE LIONS hero!



MARCUS SAYS: “When I was growing up, I’d just kick a ball off the walls in my room or down the hallway. Wherever I could, it didn’t matter! But I loved playing down the park with my big brothers. In our imaginations we were Rooney, Owen or Rio playing at Wembley for England!”


MARCUS SAYS: “One night, I came home after a kickabout with my brothers and my uncle had another football top for me. A red football top. He was United all the way, but this one was different. On the top left of the chest was a crest with Three Lions and one gold star, and ROONEY 9 was on the back. From that day, I wanted to be just like Rooney, and I wanted to play for England!”



MARCUS SAYS: “I was too young to appreciate guys like Alan Shearer and Teddy Sheringham from the ’90s – for me, it was all about Rooney. My earliest memories of the England team are of him and Michael Owen up front together. Me and my brothers would always sit down to watch the England games together.”



MARCUS SAYS: “A lot of people think I came out of nowhere. And to be honest, my first year went by so quickly that I still can’t believe it myself! One day I was training with United and making my debut for the club, the next my team-mates were telling me I’d been selected for the national team to go to Euro 2016!”



MARCUS SAYS: “Phil Jones came up to me in the changing rooms and said, ‘I’m tellin’ ya mate, you’re going to France.’ When I got my mobile out of my locker, there were messages from my brothers, mum and friends saying the same thing… England!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it!”



MARCUS SAYS: “When I got into the changing room for the friendly against Australia, I saw all the shirts hanging up. I remember looking around for mine, and then I saw it. Red football top. Three Lions crest. One gold star. Man! Then I flipped it around. RASHFORD 9. I kind of laughed and said to myself, ‘No more dreaming now. You’re playing for England!’”



MARCUS SAYS: “Three minutes into the match, I scored my first England goal! How can I describe that? It’s like as soon as the ball goes into the back of the net, something goes off in your head. It’s a moment you hold on to, but at the same time, you just want to do it again and again and again! You crave the feeling!”


Interview courtesy of The Players’ Tribune.