MATCH gets to know the WEST HAM baller!


MAZ SAYS: “I think, since being a born and bred Liverpool fan, my hero has always been Steven Gerrard. His desire and passion on the pitch was unbelievable. There were plenty of matches where we needed a game changer, and he was always the one to step up to that challenge. I’ve always wanted to be like him in that regard!”


MAZ SAYS: “It was a Tuesday night game in 2012, Blackburn v Liverpool at Ewood Park. My older brother took me with his mates and I got hooked after that night! I was so excited to go, and we ended up winning 3-2. We had our keeper sent off, Brad Jones came on to save the penalty and Andy Carroll scored our third in stoppage time!”


MAZ SAYS: “I studied at the University Of Sheffield and graduated with my law degree! Growing up watching crime shows made me want to do something involving catching the bad guys!”


MAZ SAYS: “I always have to wear my St. Christopher necklace. It has a girl kicking a football engraved on the back. I got it a couple of years ago and the only time I take it off is for football games and, as soon as that final whistle gets blown, it gets put straight back on!”


MAZ SAYS: “I’d say it has to be that I’m a modern-day attacking full-back. I love joining in with attacking play! I want to be a part of that and especially love it when the build-up leads to a goal! My strength can also be my weakness. My eagerness to go forward can sometimes leaves gaps for other teams to exploit!”


MAZ SAYS: “My favourite dish has to be a worldy piece of steak, cooked to perfection! Triple cooked chips, some peppercorn sauce, wedge of lettuce with honey mustard dressing and my steak cooked rare. Tell me that isn’t heaven on a plate? My least favourite is anything with mushrooms or peppers!”


MAZ SAYS: “To pick a sole moment is tough, but I think I would say going to the Under-20 Women’s World Cup and coming back with a bronze medal. I just think not many people can say they’ve played in a World Cup and come back with a medal around their necks!”


MAZ SAYS: “My favourite goal always has to be my first WSL 1 goal. I was on loan at Doncaster from Liverpool at the time, and we were playing Sunderland. Before the game in the changing room, I remember getting this feeling in my stomach and I just knew I was going to get on the scoresheet that day!”


MAZ SAYS: “I’m actually a qualified scuba diver! I learnt when I was on holiday in the Philippines. The ocean is unbelievable there, it’s like paradise. One of my fondest memories is scuba diving with sharks. I’m certain I saw the real life Nemo and Dory swimming together, so who wouldn’t love that!”