The West Ham superstar chats heading, targets, celebrations, England and loads more!

You’ve Played All Over The Pitch For West Ham! Do You Want To Nail Down A Position?

MICHAIL SAYS: “I’m one of those players where as long as I’m playing, I play for the team. If the boss needs me to play somewhere, I’ll do it! But if I was picking the team, I’d be on the wing – I prefer the left.”

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You Score A Lot Of Goals With Your Head…

MICHAIL SAYS: “As long as it hits the back of the net, I don’t mind! I’m not far off the Premier League record of nine headed goals in a season, but if I break that record or score more with my feet, I don’t care. Even if it goes in off my back, I’ll take it!”

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You’ve Had Lots Of Awesome Celebrations – What Have You Got Lined Up Next?

MICHAIL SAYS: “I did the Thriller dance when I scored against Tottenham, but I need some more suggestions! I want someone on Twitter to choose one for me because I’m running out of ideas! But it has to be in the right circumstances – I can’t pull out a new celebration when we’re losing!”

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Can You Get Back Into The England Squad?

MICHAIL SAYS:  “It’s definitely one of the aims I’ve put in place for myself. I’ll just have to keep performing and make sure I can’t be overtaken. Getting called up was overwhelming – I cried when I found out! But it was a great experience to be there with the elite players and I enjoyed every moment.”

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What Do You Think Of Gareth Southgate?

MICHAIL SAYS: “He’s a really nice guy. Gareth knows the players, he’s done well so far and he’s just got to keep going. He’s a leader – he takes charge in training and does loads of work with the players!”


Michail was talking to MATCH at the PlayStation Schools’ Cup – the biggest grassroots football tournament in the country! Here’s what he had to say about it…

MICHAIL SAYS: “It’s a really great event – it’s definitely the biggest school competition in the country! I always go back to my school, and I really enjoy this type of thing.”

MICHAIL SAYS: “When I was young, to represent my school was huge – we loved it! Playing footy, going around to other schools… we’d have loved to have had this kind of opportunity.”

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MICHAIL SAYS: “The kids here are so lucky – most of them want to grow up and play in the Premier League, so to get the opportunity to meet their idols is amazing! The first pro players I ever met were when I signed for Reading!”

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