The ARSENAL and SPAIN superstar tells MATCH why he can’t get enough of the festive period!

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How Excited Do You Get About Christmas, Nacho?

NACHO SAYS: “Since I moved to London, I’m normally just fully focused on football. We play too many games over Christmas, I don’t really have enough time to think about it all! Plus, Danny Welbeck never invites me to his for Christmas either!”


Which Arsenal Players Love Christmas The Most?

NACHO SAYS: “Theo Walcott likes to wear a Christmas jumper every year! I like Christmas, it’s a great time for kids and for meeting up with your family. It’s different for me now in England because my family stay in Spain. It’s still a nice time of year, though.”


Have You Done All Of Your Christmas Shopping Yet?

NACHO SAYS: “No, not really! I always wait until the last moment to buy them! Honestly, I don’t like having to buy the gifts and presents, but when I get around to doing it, I wait until the last moment! I only buy presents for my family.”


If You Could Pick Your Secret Santa, Who Would It Be?

NACHO SAYS: “Probably some scissors for Hector Bellerin, because it will help with his hair!”


What’s The Best Present You’ve Ever Received?

NACHO SAYS: “When I was younger, I remember my mum gave me a pair of Puma boots! I loved them!”


Do You Still Eat More Food At Christmas Like Everyone Else?

NACHO SAYS: “During Christmas, we’ll eat slightly differently to the rest of the season, but not massively different. We have to play regularly, so we don’t really have a chance to celebrate.”


What’s Your Favourite Christmas Song?

NACHO SAYS: “There is a Spanish song, I think it’s called ‘Fum, Fum, Fum’. That’s a really good one!”