The mega highly-rated MAN. CITY wonderkid chats to MATCH about his wicked potential!


PHIL SAYS: “With all the talented players coming through, it’s an exciting time for England – and the great thing is, Gareth Southgate isn’t afraid to give us a chance. It’s going well, and hopefully in the future we can win the World Cup!”


PHIL SAYS: “We went there confident that we were going to win the cup, but to actually go on and do it was crazy! We will remember it for years. We can say, ‘We’ve won the World Cup for England’ and we can all push on. Hopefully the other lads who were involved will get a chance at their clubs too. It was a special moment.”


PHIL SAYS: “Obviously my friends are all happy for me, but they also can’t believe how quickly my career has progressed. I keep my feet on the ground. My dad keeps me on my toes, tells me to keep my head down and to keep working hard.”


PHIL SAYS: “Where I grew up made me who I am – playing on concrete, against physical people who were a lot older than me. I used to play five-a-side games on the roads and in the street all the time. I think that’s helped me progress quickly.”


PHIL SAYS: “Hopefully the time will come, but that is what I’m aiming for. We’ve got a lot of quality in the senior team already, but Jadon Sancho is an example of what can happen. If you are playing well, Gareth will give you a chance, and he isn’t scared to call players up no matter what their age is or who they are.”


PHIL SAYS: “We’re both technical players and that’s just the way we are. It gives me confidence seeing Jadon in the senior team for England and I hope I can join him one day. I just need to keep working hard – that’s the main thing for me.”


PHIL SAYS: “My favourite position is probably in midfield, but I don’t mind playing off the wing now and then either. I like playing No.10 as well. Those positions are where I played when I was growing up, so I’m used to them and it’s where I enjoy the most.”


PHIL SAYS: “I try not to read too much into it, but obviously the comments are good. He’s a great player, so it gives me confidence. He’s physically quite strong on the ball, even though he’s not that big, and has had a brilliant career!”