MATCH catches up with BUKAYO SAKA and EMILE SMITH ROWE to hear about their relationship on and off the pitch!

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EMILE SAYS: I actually can’t remember! I can’t!”

BUKAYO SAYS: “Do you remember when I played up two years one time, I think Emile was there… I can’t remember what team it was against, but I think ex-Arsenal defender Ryan Garry was the coach!”

EMILE SAYS: “That was probably the FA Youth Cup against Liverpool!”

BUKAYO SAYS: “I remember everything about that match!”

EMILE SAYS: “Yeah, let’s talk about that match! I think Bukayo scored. It was actually me that played it in behind for you. It got cut out, they made the mistake and you pounced on it and smacked it top corner!”

BUKAYO SAYS: “Yeah, I came off the bench as a sub and got the equaliser. I’m proud of that moment. I assisted the winner as well!”

Saka & Smith Rowe

EMILE SAYS: “It’s fun playing together! I definitely get more of a buzz when I assist B. Obviously, we came through the academy together, so when I pass the ball and he scores I think that always means a little bit more!”

BUKAYO SAYS: “I think on the pitch as well, if there’s an opportunity I always try to look for him and he always tries to look for me a lot and that’s why he has a lot of assists for me this season, so thank you bro!”

BUKAYO SAYS: “Yeah we did one against Wolves, but my goal was offside so it got ruined!”

EMILE SAYS: “We need to think of another one, we’ll practise in training. We’ve got to plan it. It’s a secret for now, so when Bukayo scores next you’ll see the celebration!”

BUKAYO SAYS: (Laughs) “Wait, why won’t you score the next goal?!”

Saka & Smith Rowe

EMILE SAYS: “Yeah, we’re good friends!”

BUKAYO SAYS: “To be fair, I cook for him. I have to help him out, he’s not the best at cooking. He’s good at assisting me, but his cooking is not the same!”

EMILE SAYS: “He’s right, he’s right! It’s because we live quite close to each other, so he helps me out when I’m a bit lazy at home! What would you cook me now?”

BUKAYO SAYS: “You’re actually asking me that? I make him chicken wings – he likes them!”

EMILE SAYS: “Yeah, I like his chicken, it’s good, very good. I’d recommend it!”

BUKAYO SAYS: “My dad keeps everything for me, so I’ve got so many kits, pictures and even boots as well – I’ve got loads!”

EMILE SAYS: “I’m the same, to be fair. My mum’s got a box of old kits and stuff from ages ago. But that’s locked away, I’d have to ask her to find it for me!”

EMILE SAYS: “I remember my first first-team training. Santi Cazorla was the best player I trained with – he was mad. He was running the whole session! I think all of us young players are nervous when you first start, but after a while you get used to it. I’ve settled so much!”

BUKAYO SAYS: “Yeah, 100% I was nervous too!”

BUKAYO SAYS: “He’s been amazing for us. He really goes out of his way to help grow the individual qualities of each player. For me, it’s definitely helped take my game to the next level. He gives a lot of detail but still manages to be clear at the same time, which is probably the best thing about him!”

EMILE SAYS: “Same, to be fair. He helps us young players so much and helps to develop us. It’s good to have him as our manager!”

BUKAYO SAYS: “When I was growing up, I liked Alexis Sanchez and then it was Aubameyang and Lacazette. When I came into the first team, David Luiz helped me a lot. He really went out of his way to give me advice and try to help me!”

EMILE SAYS: “Probably Cesc Fabgreas for me – I looked up to him a lot! Obviously once I got into the first team it was Mesut Ozil, Aubameyang and Lacazette. When you get to train with the players, you don’t understand how good they are!”

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