Tammy Abraham is a real-life Alex Hunter! Like the star of FIFA 17’s The Journey, Tammy started his career at a Premier League club before being loaned out to the Championship.


TAMMY SAYS: “I started out aged seven in a team with my friends. We played in tournaments and just kept winning – we had a really good side! We got scouted by clubs like Arsenal, West Ham and Chelsea. Ovie Ejaria was in the team and he’s just played for Liverpool!”

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TAMMY SAYS: “I’ve got a younger brother who plays, too – he’s 15 and at Charlton. We’re really competitive and we’re both strikers, so we love scoring goals! He’ll come home and say, ‘I scored two, how many did you score?’”


TAMMY SAYS: “I was seven when I joined Chelsea. I got scouted and went for trials at the training ground in Battersea, then progressed to the Academy at Cobham. My first few games I went to watch were them, so it’s always been Chelsea!”

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TAMMY SAYS: “My idols growing up were all-round strikers, like Didier Drogba. Seeing him off the pitch really inspired me, too. When I was about eight, he picked me up from the front of the training ground and dropped me off at the academy! I was so excited!”

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TAMMY SAYS: “When I was around ten I was a defender because I was always the biggest! But I just kept running forward to try to score goals, so eventually I got moved forward. That’s when I found out that I liked scoring goals, so I settled on being a striker!”


TAMMY SAYS: “I’m a hard worker, skilful and I like to score goals! I’ve got good speed and I like to use my strength. I try to find a weakness in my opponent and use my strengths to capitalise on them!”


TAMMY SAYS: “Me and Fikayo Tomori started together aged seven and made our way up to the 21s, and he made his debut with me against Leicester! We came through with Dominic Solanke and Kasey Palmer, who I played against before Christmas – that was weird!”