MATCH spoke to the sickest skillers on the planet recently about all things F2!

How Did You Guys Meet?

BILLY SAYS: “When we were early teens, we were both at a football event in Redbridge. I was there as a freestyler, and Jez was there too freestyling for another company. I looked at him performing and thought, ‘Wow, this kid’s amazing.’ We just got talking straight away, we clicked, and stayed in touch from there.”

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How Difficult Was It To Focus On Freestyle Over Football?

BILLY SAYS: “It was the biggest decision of my life to date. To give up football at 19 years old, when I was playing top level semi-pro, one or two leagues away from being a pro. I saw an opportunity with the tricks, I was much closer to being the best at freestyling in the world than I was playing. Why not try being the best in the world at something?”

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Do You Ever Get Jealous When Watching Games?

JEZ SAYS: “Every single day it happens. Any football match I go to or I watch on the TV, it’s just a tease. You wanna be out there! When we film with the pros, technically there’s no real difference between us. What they do on the pitch might be different, we might not be able to do that, but if it’s control, pinging the ball, shooting, touch… we match the best in the world.”


Messi Or Ronaldo?

JEZ SAYS: “Messi.”

BILLY SAYS: “I’m gonna bring it down to stats, and no-one’s got better stats than Messi. So, I’m picking Leo too.”

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What’s It Like To Work With Neymar On A Vid?

BILLY SAYS: “We get to shoots four hours early to make sure everything’s ready. There was a ball just sitting there waiting as Neymar walked onto the pitch for a PES shoot. He did what Neymar does, and pinged the ball into the top bins, first try. He just loves the ball, he loves the game.”


How Proud Are You That Players Respect You?

BILLY SAYS: “It’s unbelievable… Neymar took a picture with us and put it on his Instagram account saying, ‘The phenomenons of freestyle’. That’s just incredible! Pele put on one of our videos, ‘This can’t be possible what they’re doing with a football’. It’s unbelievable!”

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What Current Football Heroes Inspire You?

BILLY SAYS: “Neymar is the most exciting for me – he’s got the full package. When he loses the ball, you can see his work rate and enthusiasm to get the ball back is incredible. He works and fights for the team.”

JEZ SAYS: “I still get inspired by Messi and Ronaldo. I don’t know if we’ll ever see another Messi or Ronaldo. I know everyone gives them praise now, but when they do retire it’s gonna hit everyone hard!”

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Have You Ever Argued Over Arsenal And Spurs?

JEZ SAYS: “We just have a bit of playful banter.”

BILLY SAYS: “It ain’t playful banter! It gets in my way, because they always come out on top. If Spurs win he’s like, ‘Yeah, yeah I’m glad you won, you never win’, and end it there.”

JEZ SAYS: “I’ll put it like this, if you’ve got two boxers and every round one boxer’s winning, it’s a no-contest. It’s not as fun.”

BILLY SAYS: “Sometimes we get into debates, but it never gets properly heated. We do have banter between text messages, but we don’t let people know!”

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Do You Ever Get Nervous Around Players?

JEZ SAYS: “We don’t really. Technically we are on the level of the pros, and we’re confident in every situation in front of anyone. We get respect off the players, which is really good. We treat them as normal human beings, and have banter with them and crack jokes. They appreciate how relaxed we are.”